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Is the clock ticking on the Leave a Legacy monoliths at Epcot?


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I've taken it upon myself (foolishly? lol) to start this new thread. If it already exists, the forum snipers are more than welcome to take this one out!

We've been off topic in the hat removal thread...mostly discussing the monoliths at Epcot that were part of the Leave a Legacy promotion. I guess one could say that now the wand is long dead...and now that the hat is getting whacked...curiosity (as is human nature) has set in about the other eyesore and source of annoyance than are the monoliths left over in the entryway of Epcot.

Or gravestones. Or war-memorial...whatever you want to call them!

So, I don't personally know a blessed thing about when they're to be removed for sure. I have no insiders and no clue but I'm insanely curious as to what others might know...

This is hopefully a place for this discussion! So...fire away! Keep it clean and come out discussing!
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Sage of Time

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Here's hoping.

The contract on keeping the pictures up in the park was either for 15 or 20 years from when they were installed. Given that it is 2015... and they were installed in 1999....

I would be overjoyed if they finally killed them off. Would do a TON for EPCOT's aesthetic package. Killing the tarps off in Innoventions Plaza, too.


The Epcot Manifesto
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I can't wait for the next 10-20 years of discussion on this thread, and then, some day, in the distant future, it happens!

or, knowing the standard amount of care that they currently give Epcot, we finally get news that the LaL is being removed, to add larger monoliths that will block Spaceship Earth, and contain interactive screen based pictures which guests can purchase (at a hefty price), showing their loved ones and their favorite Disney-Pixar-Lucas-Marvel-<next aquisition> character!


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My wife and I spent a week in January 2006 at WDW, just 2 months after our wedding and paid for a leave a legacy picture. It was our first trip together to Disney World and we want it to stay at least another 50 years or until after we are no longer going to WDW. I think it is unfair and wrong for those who did not pay for it to ask that it be removed. Removing it would be the same as taking my DVC ownership away without compensation. Even DVC ownership lasts 50 years and its only 10 years since we paid for it.
Oh my gosh, PLEASE! Even if I had my picture up on one (I don't) I'd STILL be begging Disney to take them down! I can't imagine what people must think of them who have no idea what they are. Even pretty close it's hard to tell that the tiles are actually photos (albeit, terrible ones). Taking the monoliths down would open up the entrance, helping with congestion around SSE, and remove the creepy graveyard-like atmosphere it's currently got going on. Honestly, Epcot has its share of issues, but this is my #1 problem with the park, and it seems like a pretty simple fix (besides the fact that some of the legacy buyers might complain).
That's probably one of the biggest reasons they can't. If you paid however much money to have that picture there PERMANENTLY and it was taken down, would you be upset?
Well if there was a contract that I had signed and it stated that they were legally allowed to do whatever they want with them in 15-20 years...no! If I had signed something that said they'd be there forever and ever and nothing would ever happen to them then maybe? It just depends how much I spent! And Disney could always offer those people some sort of compensation, if they did try and break it early or something, right? But by the sound of things, it doesn't seem like they're doing anything in the contracted time period.


The Epcot Manifesto
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That's probably one of the biggest reasons they can't. If you paid however much money to have that picture there PERMANENTLY and it was taken down, would you be upset?
The deal wasn't permanent. I've seen links to the contract in other threads around here (including the BAH thread). There is a specified limit that they will be displayed on WDW property somewhere. After that, they can be removed. And from what I remember of the contract, they can be moved at any time. I say that they should be placed somewhere either here or here:


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Leave a Legacy is here to stay for a while yet. You have to wait till 2027 for all the Leave a Legacy tiles to go away.

Leave a Legacy program was discontinued in June of 2007. I think Disney would get a rid of all the tiles at once instead of going by year by year.
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