Is Rock 'n' Roller Coaster changing its theme soon?


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Does anyone else think that Rock n Roller Coaster is about to get a theme change soon?

With the recent visit and ride by Steven Tyler, plus a bunch of new merch showing up in the Shop Disney Parks app for the ride specifically, I can't help but think an announcement could be around the corner. Disney always seems to dump a bunch of merch for attractions right before or during an announcement of its closing... The latest being an Earful Tower shirt that recently was out right before they take down the tower.

Anyone else get that vibe? Obviously the Aerosmith theme has run its course, especially as the band really isn't relevant today. For me with all of the Hollywood Studios changes, the timing of this all seems more than a coincidence.

I would love to see a Tron themed coaster like Shanghai has, but I doubt that because Test Track is too similar is styling. What else could they do with it?

Just a thought.


That is a very interesting thought. I imagine that with the infrastructure of that attraction almost any theme is possible and many movie/music themes would make a very nice update for that ride. Space themes are very much used to their max all over WDW so I doubt that would be a new theme, and it would be sacrilege to use any of the Disney owned bands or artists of today. I myself love Aerosmith but the demographic is slowly shrinking. This topic would be a very interesting read if there is any news of it.


If they were to replace Aerosmith with another band, I'd suggest Foo Fighters. Large catalog of recognizable, family friendly songs (comparatively speaking); they're a young band (again, comparatively speaking), and they've still got a ways before they're "old hat".

My brain just exploded with ideas for Foo Fighter songs to rock out to on a roller coaster. Good call sir, good call.


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The visit by Steven Tyler was, I'm 99% sure, pure coincidence and has absolutely nothing to do with their plans for the ride. It was a birthday trip to Orlando.

There are rumors of this becoming GotG themed instead of ToT, which I'd be more fine with, but I'd prefer the ride to stay as-is. Why spend loads of money to retheme something when a new attraction could be built for a bit more? The retheme would not draw people, at least not over time, and would tick plenty of people off (or simply not excite them). A new ride would draw people and have a high "approval rating." That little extra bit of money would be more than worth it.

Anyway, there is a DHS section of the forum that this belongs in.


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Ask anyone under 20 who they are and I bet you get a blank face. They were great I the 90's, but timeless they are not.
That's a generation problem. Those same people didn't know Prince when he died or Micheal Jackson's legacy now. Furthermore, they certainly won't know films like Song of the South. I bet you can't wait to see Splah Mountain gutted. And I bet you will be first in line for the new Frozen ride in Epcot, too. Sometimes change is good. But change because of a generarion's ignorance? Not so much. #dreamon

Oh, and also, when is the last time Disney reskinned a ride and it turn out better than the original?
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I wouldn't be surprised to see it rethemed eventually, but I think some are reading into things too much. Most merchandise is available on the app, can't see how this is a hint at all. With so much else down at DHS, I can't see them touching this or ToT anytime soon, it would be a disaster IMO.

I think Aerosmith still works even though the band's fame is fading. Foo Fighters, really? I honestly think Disney would be better off avoiding a specific artist altogether. In this age of interactive attractions, this one seems obvious to me. Allow guests to customize their own soundtrack using a rotating catalog of "rock" options. Sure it's similar to Universal, but at least the general theme could remain and wouldn't take long to accomplish.

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