Is Rise of the Resistance worth the hype and stress?

Is Rise of the Resistance worth the hype and stress with VQ?

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There seems to be so much stress and anxiety behind securing a spot in the virtual queue with many people struggling to even get it after multiple tries. For those that have ridden it, is all the stress, anxiety, and effort you have to put in to just possibly have a chance at riding really worth it? Does the ride live up to the hype or does the process put a damper on it? Has the complexity of the VQ with the reliability of the ride just too much?

Personally, it's a great ride, but at this time, it's not worth the process just to hopefully get a chance.


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I'm a skeptic when it comes to hearing the craze about anything, wheter its a ride, movies, restaurant, music, etc.

With that being said, its the best ride I've ever ridden at Disney. There are so many different aspects to the ride, that when its working properly (that's a whole other story), it blows you away. It certainly will help if you're a Star Wars fan, but I could see non-fans would enjoy the ride as well.

We definitely try to get a boarding pass the moment they become available in the morning. We've missed out a few times, but it doesn't ruin our day.


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I can only speak from experience at Disneyland, but it really wasn't that hard to obtain a boarding pass. True, you need to be there at or soon after rope drop, but if you can manage that, it wasn't difficult otherwise.

It's easily the biggest leap forward in any of the domestic parks since Radiator Springs Racers.

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Yes. It's one of the best dark rides and theme park experiences ever created, and the biggest shaker of the theme park industry since Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey 10 years before it.

One of my friends from out of town bought an extra day just to experience Rise a second time and had no regrets.

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The only stress is waking up on the day you plan to ride it, the period between going to HS, entering and waiting till boarding starts. Once that is complete and successful, it's the best feeling of happiness and relief.

The other significant factor that could trigger stress is when you hear the ride is down and your chances to ride it that day might not happen.

I have ridden it 4 times now (3 pre-covid and 1 during) and the hype is very real and surpasses it.

What I sometimes do is give tips and guide first time riders I eventually meet while in the park. It works every time and I feel like I provided a magical moment when they thank me after.


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Disneys hyped a lot of things over the years and sometimes they have let us down. But with this, I cant say that theyve sold us short. I havent heard anyone saying their expectations were wrong. That they were sorry they went to the trouble of getting up early, getting in the park early, having that split second to get the boarding pass, then being lucky enough to get one... instead it was worth every second of energy. It's going to be a guest pleaser, drawing in the crowds to DHS for a looong time.

Greg in TN

I wouldn't call it a ride, or even an attraction. Those names just don't do it justice. It's an experience, and heads-&-shoulders above any other experience. The closest thing to it might be the Hogwarts ride at Universal, but Rise of the Resistance is really on another level, even from that. If you're there, you're really doing yourself a dis-service if you don't try to get a boarding pass.


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I'd say "no" until they figure out how to ensure resort guests get to ride it.


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I wasn't blown away by it.

I'm inclined to say it is worth making the effort at least once, but I personally won't make the effort every visit, especially if it is still breaking down. In some ways, the challenge of initially getting a BG was a little bit fun.

What wasn't fun was all the waiting for my BG to be called, then the ride breaking down while I was in line. I bothered to get a BG, waited for my group to get called...then I shouldn't have to ALSO wait 90+min in line. Bonus: in the middle of the ride there was still more waiting!

For me, all the waiting, and even more - the uncertainty of the wait - diminished my enthusiasm. I would have much preferred just one traditional queue. It was just so frustrating to have so much uncertainty. Yeah, I maybe got a low BG. Wait. Yeah- my BG was called- walk....wait. Yeah, I'm in the queue. Oh, the line isn't moving. Oh, the line still isn't moving! How long have we been stuck in the same spot?

I haven't kept track since the re-opening, but has the reliability improved at all? In the before times, it was reliably breaking down almost every day.


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For sure worth it for the first time only.
Patiently waiting for Disney to get to a point of better capacity for a second ride. It takes a lot of work and I couldn’t justify waking up so early 2 days in a row on vacation.


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I haven’t been to WDW since 2013, saving to go in 2022. The thought of trying to get onto this attraction actually causes me anxiety! (easily done to be honest!). This attraction is the reason I feel I must have a phone/tablet whatever! It is also one of the reasons we’re probably going to stay at the S&D so we can get to the park (walk) without any complications. I hate queuing (we go in Sept so that doesn’t really happen!), we’re probably going to have to queue for hours just to enter the park to get a boarding number! We’d be devastated not to get one, we‘d only have 3 chances. What if we do get one? .....What if we leave the park and can’t get back in time? ......Imagine getting a pass, being relieved and excited and then the attraction goes down! 🤯🤯🤯Imagine not getting one at all!!!🥺 Thousands of pounds (I’m English!) wasted! Trip ruined...................
.......Excuse me , I’m just off to call my therapist! 😂😂


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I'd say "no" until they figure out how to ensure resort guests get to ride it.
I think you will always be saying no, at least until the Star Wars Hotel, is available. There is no reason, since resort guests or walk in guests pay the same amount to enter the park. The parks and their attractions cannot be connected to the resorts. They are two different experiences that aren't in anyway connected to each other with the exception that they are both owned by Disney.

That reminds me... has there been any progress made on the hotel at all?
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