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Rumor Is Indiana Jones Planning an Adventure to Disney's Animal Kingdom?


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With Indy there is already the leap from archaeologist to paleontologist in the novels. Beyond that, it's not that difficult a leap should they want to continue the dinosaur angle. Beyond that, man vs. animals, man vs. nature, and conservation can all be extensions of the Indiana Jones story that would fit into that park.


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Can’t say I noticed that. But I’ll certainly look into it now you’ve said it.

The differences I noticed between the WDW and Paris Catastrophe Canyon:

- Different truck model and tanker shape.

- The fire effects don't run as long in Paris.

They both shared the same effects when they opened and a similar sequence.

- Tram parks.

- Rain effect with the tanker truck wipes comically activating to accentuate the effect.

- Earthquake! The tram shake, the light poles sway and the water tank on stilts shake. A pilot light (that was lighted up) swayed heavily as well.

- A power transformer starts to spark and cause the end of the tanker truck to catch fire. At the same time, the pilot light on the left side near the large oil tank cause that oil tank to explode. The tank blew open and fire came out.

- An oil pump on the right near the rock catch fire and the pipes in the center catch fire. The flames race up the pipe.

- Largest explosion is from the top oil tank when the flames reach it.

- The truck horn blows as water is released from the three tanks. Water cannons activate as well to shoot water at us and water tanks above the tram release. The truck is on a long boom that push it toward the guests, making it appear like its sliding down the hill. The flames cut off during that time.

Both WDW and Paris had all those effects when they opened. Alas, in both cases, the pilot light flame was soon cut-off and the exploding tank effect stopped working and the moving pieces stuck in the open position. The shaking water tank barely moved at WDW by the end and the wiper movement stopped. The spark effects is at both parks very unreliable.

At WDW, the exploding oil pump on the right kept burning until the tidal wave while in Paris, its one short explosion. The burning pipes race up faster in Paris. One curious programming quirk in Paris is that the set is static until they yell Action! The oil pumps don't turn when you first roll into the canyon and they turn off once the sequence ends.

Marni, I remember seeing years ago a bad youtube video of the early days of Catastophe Canyon at the Disney-MGM Studios that showed a fire effect on the actual tram bridge in the canyon. Thing is, I can't find any evidence of it now and I am wondering if it was just a trick of the camera or it existed in the early day.

Disneyland Paris uploaded a few years ago on youtube an awesome video showing the original version of their Catastrophe Canyon.


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