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Is genie + worth it


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Does the park opening referred to mean the standard opening time, or the “early entry” opening time for on site guests? Want to make sure I’m calculating the two hour window from the right start point!
Good question. It's at the regular park opening time, not early entry, when the 2 hours begin to run.


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Would you all agree, that if you are going over the Thanksgiving weekend, and you only have 3.5 days (and will park hop) Genie+ might be a good investment?


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Don't ask if genie+ is worth it. Just pay it like it's part of park ticket.
That still only makes sense in specific circumstances though.

For example I just got back from a 3 week trip, I did not buy Genie+ nor did I need to, in fact even if I was only there for the first week I still wouldn't have needed it.

If you're there for your first trip, or for a short stay (i.e 4 days or less) then it's more likely to be beneficial to you.

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