is Disney's travel insurance suitable for UK citizens?


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Evening all.

Probably an odd question, but we at the final day to pay for a cruise in October and the travel agent has offered the "official" Disney insurance (Arch/Aon). The travel agent is based in the US but we are living in the UK. We are wondering if the policy is even valid for non-US residents, the travel agent says they cannot advise on insurance cover. I can't see anything on the internet that says it's worldwide, nor that it is US only.

Does anyone here know the answer to this?



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Hi Techie.

While I understand your travel agent's hesitancy to address specific coverages of a particular travel protection plan (we're not insurance agents, after all, we're travel agents), I think he she is doing you a disservice by not even asking DCL if they offer their travel protection to UK residents.

So, I called DCL myself to ask. The answer that I got from the call center agent is that if you pay for your reservation in US Dollars, you can purchase the travel protection and it will cover your trip, even if you live in the UK. If you pay in British Pounds, they will not allow you to purchase their travel protection and you would have to find coverage through a 3rd party. (That shouldn't be hard to do, by the way. Just do a Google search for travel protection companies or trip insurance.)

Again, that's what I was told by the DCL call center. It's not my information, it's theirs. Hope it's helpful.

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