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Is Disney's Hollywood Studios discontinuing evening Extra Magic Hours?


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What Disney is doing does makes sense for DHS. This is a park down on attractions right now. The thing is I don't think Disney is going to bring extra magic hours at DHS once the 2 lands are done for a while.

I feel Disney could be looking at doing something with the Indiana Jones section or the Animation Courtyard after they are done with the two lands. I mentioned those two land for a reasons. The first reason is the Animation Courtyard is out of wrack from a theme standpoint with Star Wars Launch Bay. The 2nd reason is Indiana Jones is going to have a new movie in 2019 and how it does would affect the future of that area.

The catch is how much Disney wants to do for construction at once around 2020? Right now there is rumors about a Tomorrowland redo and some changes to Epcot on this sites message boards. I think all of us read about the rumors of SGE being replaced and the possibility of Tomorrowland Speedway being gone also.

The rumors of Epcot I am referring to the rumors mentioned by Martin and others on stuff like UOE being gone, Innoventions getting replaced and renamed, France getting a ride, and a possible new country in World Showcase.

Magic Feather

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DAK used to have evening magic hours. Maybe they will switch evening EMH over to DAK once Pandora is up and running then bring EMH back to DHS once SWL and TSL are here.
Last I heard, a measure like this was considered so ops costs just jump to AK for a reboot of evening EMH there, although I was never given confirmation that it was happening.


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Or is this the beginning of the end of the Extra Magic hours replaced with the upcharge specials that Disney has been testing here lately?

Pretty much this. If they CAN get money for something the general trend has been TO get money for something.

This will be extremely interesting to watch play out. Something similar happened in my city recently when a grocery store began charging a $1 service fee for the use of a shopping cart (tacked on upon checkout). Everyone was so accustomed to getting it free that discovering it now had a fee attached really caused some interesting discussions on pricing elasticity.


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DAK used to have evening magic hours. Maybe they will switch evening EMH over to DAK once Pandora is up and running then bring EMH back to DHS once SWL and TSL are here.
Good idea, plus once ROL opens and boosts AK hours it may make sense to have PM EMH at AK especially with all the new nighttime offerings.


Born Modest. Wore Off.
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If they are ending EMH (and I have no inside information about that), the reason would simply be a cost-benefit analysis, which is the same reason EMH was added awhile ago. If Disney now believes that it doesn't need EMH (or needs less EMH) as an incentive to fill the hotels, then they'll kill it or roll it back. EMH was never about "guest experience" in the first place -- it was about filling hotel rooms. If it's going away, it would be because Disney thinks the money it'll save by not running the parks those extra hours will be greater than the extra revenue it could earn on the hotel rates. Maybe they'll replace it with a different on-site perk, like 50% off at a Disney Springs restaurant once or twice per stay, or a movie at AMC Disney Springs, or more resort activities.


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"It wouldn't be the first time that the calendar is just slow to be updated, but as we approach February, it is unusual for the hours not be fully updated for March."

Like you said this would not be the 1st time the calendar is slow to be updated. I went in July last year and the calendar was not updated till the middle of June, and that was at all the parks, so hopefully it's just slow again. The problem with it being slow is planning in advance, but you just roll with the punches, I guess.

Angel Ariel

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Maybe it's something to do with the amount of rides shut or areas in construction? I imagine once SWL/TSL open they will bring Extra Magic Hours back.

I hope they do, but TBH, I very much doubt it. I think it's more likely that they'll make it paid after hours access to SWL. Wouldn't surprise me if that's the reason why they're testing out Disney After Hours at MK.


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FWIW, I started looking at hours in March and April for my upcoming trip and there are no evening EMH listed for Epcot either.. Maybe this just happens to be the (unlucky) schedule for when I'll be there, but I'm going for 8 days which seems like a long enough period for an evening EMH slot to show up at least once.

Definitely hope this isn't the case! I used to love just walking around WS after park close and taking it all in with little/no crowds...


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No attractions that operated during EMH have been affected by the construction being done at SWL and TSL. So the whole construction thing is not an excuse.

This is a cut pure and simple. Just like MSEP not being replaced. This is the new norm for the WDW parks. But hey you have your private cabanas, year round drunkeytown festivals at Epcot and $250/hour shopping assistants at Disney Springs to keep you entertained. Oh and of course the hard-ticket upcharge events that will be introduced soon.

Sounds like a fun time to go right 21?

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