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Is Disney going to take a Gamble this Fall

Dave B

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I have been talking with a few friends as we are planning our trips for the 50th this fall and it got us thinking about the fall specials. We starting thinking that Disney might take a gamble this fall and NOT offer any discounts. It appears demand is very high and I know all resorts are not open yet, but if you look at the park reservation calendar, there are dates in October already booked, they might not need to offer any discounts, the current offer ends September 29th and in reading the boards it sounds the like the offer for UK is for next year and only a $950 gift card for food and drinks, just was wondering what your thought are out there? Do you think they will go for it and not offer anything?


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Looking at historical release dates for Disney discounts - there is usually a 10-20% off room rates offered right after 4th of July and then a slightly (20- 30% off room or some sort of package discount) offered in early October.

I wouldn't be surprised to see a discount offered for September only right after this 4th of July. And then another one in early August that would be blacked out for the week(s) surrounding the 50th anniversary. Black out dates have been fairly common in recent years.
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I have NEVER stayed on property! I would like to sometime, but I don't see the reasoning to spend over a $100 on a room that you won't be in 95% of the time you are there! If you have young kids that would enjoy the hotel, that's different! But if you are an adult with no kids, staying on property would not be top priority(my opinion)

I like to save money on the hotel so I have extra money for souvenirs and a meal in the parks!
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