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"Iron Gwazi"- new RMCed Gwazi announced for Busch Gardens Tampa Bay

WEDway Inc & Company LLC

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Well, this is sweet.


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I found a great construction aerial time lapse that shows a full test run starting at 2:30. It also looks like they are cycling 2 trains.

If it's blurry for you, try clicking of the video's title and watch it on YouTube.
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The last several times I was at Busch Gardens Tampa (pre-pandemic) the operations were just garbage. Across the board everything was disorganized and needlessly slow. For too long it seems the park has born a disproportionate share of the chain's cost cutting attempts. It seems they have an opportunity to wow and I hope SeaWorld has the foresight to take advantage.


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It looks like Cedar Point may need to send Steel Vengeance's trophy for best RMC down to Tampa next year.
Disagree. While Iron Gwazi looks impressive and is taller, Steel Vengeance is more intense with the amount of air time and inversions. I'm still very excited for this coaster. RMC's have good ejector air time. Between this and Velocicoaster Florida is getting some good coasters. All that needs to happen now is for them to go to Disney and RMC Big Thunder Mountain

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