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interviewing but would be relocating - daycare?


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I'm currently on my second round of interviews right now. If I were to get the job though my family of four would be relocating from NC to FL. We would most likely just rent for now, but I have a few questions:
1. What communities around WDW would give me a close commute and have good elementary schools for my oldest that is in kindergarten?
2. I also have a one year old that will need to be in daycare. I've heard WDW has onsite daycare, is that true? If it is true is it impossible to get a spot in, and how much does it cost? If it isn't true what is the average cost of a 5 star daycare in the are for a one year old?
There are two on-site daycare facilities at WDW and one is open until 11pm. Payment is based on income, or it used to be. I honestly haven't looked in a while.