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Innoventions Music Removal Watch


Park nostalgist
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The Innoventions loop is my favorite in all of DW's parks. That music reminds me of leaving the park at night (with the lit up walkways (sad face)). I always play that loop on my computer at work the day or two before we head down. Hopefully they keep it over near the land and imagination pavilions.
Why limit yourself like that? 😉


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Does anyone think that maybe the new bgm is just a placeholder until they can compose something more original? Out of everything we're losing at EPCOT this has to be one of the hardest things to say goodbye to.

From what other insiders have said on these boards, it seems that this IS a placeholder for a future music loop that will incorporate themes from future attractions.


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Document Disney had posted this Ambience version of the Innoventions Loop if how it use to sound in Innoventions West.....

And, Yes everyone can smell the sewage by looking at this photo...😆
But, for me I always liked sitting here during times when the hallway was practically empty and took a break for an hour or so..This is one thing I do miss..

Lora Baines Bradley

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Was this by Innoventions East? From what I can tell that brightly lit building is the bathrooms by the new club cool area...Correct?
No, this is by the land and imagination. Map for reference-


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