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Incoming/Outgoing mail


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I have stayed at the Poly in the past everytime I have visited WDW and have a question that has never come up until now. Can you receive or send out packages from the hotel? My friend wants to send me something while I am staying at the hotel and then have me send it along to his friend from the hotel. Anybody know anything about this? Thanks!


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I know that you can send mail. But I think that you can not send mail to the hotel. Maybe unless you could find the adress to the hotel and then the room #.
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You can definitely have stuff sent to the hotel. We've done it a few times. Get the actual address from either the back of your hotel reservation sheet, or AllEars has the addresses in their accomodations seciton at the bottom of each hotel's FAQ.

Two things that you need to make sure the sender includes on the package: The package should be addressed to the person whose name is on the reservation, and your check-in date should be noted somewhere near the address.

As for mailing a package out, that's a bit more complicated. The resorts usually only handle stamped letters and postcards. If there's a way that it can be pre-postaged or pre-paid for UPS or FedEx, you could perhaps ask the hotel front desk to put it in with their own outgoing packages. That's something you might want to call the hotel directly and ask.
There's also offices at most (if not all) of the hotels with conference centers (Contemp, GF, Yacht & Beach, Boardwalk and Coronado) where you can pay for use of office equipment like computers, copiers, fax machine, etc.

Apart from that, you'd have to venture off-site to find a post office if you have a car. I know there's one in downtown Celebration.

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:wave: My son tried to mail some packages back once from POR and they said if he would have bought the stuff in disney, they would have packaged and sent it, but since he didnt, we had to drive to Celebration to the p.o. :eek:
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You can receive mail from the outside, but as someone stated earlier all specifics must be there when it comes to the name the room is under, the specific street address of your hotel, and helpful would be the room number. People did it all the time at my last job where we had a hotel.
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