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In the spirit of Christmas, Disney did give us something wonderful!


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The Merry Menagerie at AK and Andrea Bocelli's song God Bless Us Everyone from Disney’s A Christmas Carol!

We are fully decorated here and I'm feeling festive!

I would add Muppets Christmas Carol, but was that Disney when it was made?

Oh and the Christmas overlays on Living With the Land and the Speedway.
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Christmas season at Disney has been our all time favorite time of vacationing. When they decorate and theme across property theres nothing as magical and pleasing as Disney. Osbourne lights remain our biggest loss of all time but still Dis still brings the festivities to enjoy. Everyone needs to experience at least one Christmas at WDW.


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we’ve had a few december trips, but not during the week of christmas. the decorations around disney property is pretty neat & creative. 1 thing we always got, especially on cooler nights, was the hot christmas toddy at the UK pavilion in epcot. hits the spot.

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