Trip Report (In-Progress) A race though Yestermorrow, my first runDisney racecation

Yestermorrow is a concept that always seems to fascinate fans. “What if” I could of just done “that” while it was still around. This race weekend, that phrase took new meaning as we ventured into race weekend past to complete an expedition up a mountain, a race though a kitchen, and a trip back to 1939…to the Twilight Zone.

This seemed to work last time so in keeping with the spirit of looking into the past, I will use the same formatting structure as last time.

This trip report is unique and calls for a different kind of introduction. This as you may realize this is a trip report written for your reading pleasure. This, however, isn't just any trip report due to the detailed nature of this trip (and to be honest the fun of it) I will be formatting this report much like a novel. With chapters and a table of contents...this way we can keep a discussion going in addition to keeping this thread formatted! Just click the link to the chapter you desire to read...the table of contents will be linked at the end of each chapter.


Prologue……Post #1 (you are here)

Chapter 0 The Background……Post #1 (you are here)

Chapter 1 Expo Explorers……Post #10

Chapter 2 A Snowy Trek though Yestermorrow……Post #12


Before we continue, one quick note of house keeping I am not sure how quickly I will finish writing this trip report as it takes a while to write. Eventually though, it will be finished. This trip report will be written from the photos from the trip (that’s how I remember each day). So events may be slightly out of order but I will try and keep everything in chronological order.

Now that I have already wrote a trip report, this should be much easier the second time around. As with last time, their is a lot of background to cover so here goes.

Chapter 0 The Background:

WHO: Myself (25 + year Disney Traveler) and two college friends

WHAT: First runDisney racecation for any of us

WHEN: March 31 - April 6th 2022 (more on this later)

I seem to have a knack for planning trips that take a LONG TIME to get off the ground. During our previous trip (trip report for that is in my signature) we thought it may be fun to participate in some kind of event on our next trip. My two friends who I will call by their characters Yoda and R2-D2. These are the same two friends from my last trip but Nemo wanted to switch things up and chose R2-D2. I had just newly picked up running at the time and jumped at the opportunity to suggest runDisney. Everyone seemed to like the idea and shortly after the trip planning began in earnest for runDisney Star Wars Rival Run Weekend. Then however, it happened. COVID basically killed any momentum this trip had for the better part of a year and a half. During COVID it was announced that runDisney would understandably be switching to virtual events (which I participated in) for the time being as the situation developed. During this time it was also announced that the Star Wars Rival Run would be having it’s final run virtually as well. Which I also ran the Kessel Run challenge in, so I was technically able to experience that weekend even though it was done virtually.

Eventually, as more and more details came it was announced a new weekend would be taking the place of the Star Wars Rival Run. Dubbed the Springtime Surprise this weekend would be ever changing in terms of themes and distance. I jumped at the chance to be a part of an inaugural weekend as well as speculated at what the themes and distances would be for the race weekend. All we had to go off of was a teaser image showing Everest, Spaceship Earth, Tower of Terror, and Mickey.


The initial teaser art didn’t have the “Celebrates Yestermorrow” tagline.

I was then spending many months speculating that the race themes would be that of races in the past. In this case, Expedition Everest Challenge and the Tower of Terror 10K or 10-miler. A couple of months later, plans had already been made and flights were booked but the themes had not been formally announced yet. We were planning on visiting Disney World either way but the race weekend was a primary factor. We booked a room at the Dolphin just as we did last time. With my family, we almost always stay at the Dolphin. Then finally on November 3 the themes were announced. As predicted, the themes were exactly what we thought with the exception of the Race for the Taste 10K (I wasn’t familiar with this particular race) and the challenge which was Mickey based (my first Mickey medal).


This race weekend marked a couple of firsts for the group. It was my first ever organized race (if you don’t count the regular Castaway Cay 5K). It was also our first organized 5K, 10K, and 10-Miler. As well as being our first LIVE runDisney event (I had partaken in many virtual races prior to this with the purpose of running a live event), and first LIVE challenge. Many years ago, Yoda had run a half marathon but nothing on the scale of this and was excited to compare the two experiences. R2 never ran more then a 10K.

Then on December 9, registration happened. What a stressful process but I was able to get myself a spot, and my friends were also able to secure spots. I actually registered while in Magic Kingdom on a family vacation at Haunted Mansion, as well as Fantasyland. The races sold out extremely quickly (likely because it was an inaugural race weekend, as well as the themes). The challenge if I remember correctly didn’t even last more then 30 minutes till it sold out. Which caught me off guard, but we were all able to register.

Training officially kicked off on November 30th but since I was already running some virtual runs I followed a slightly accelerated plan to prepare myself. I used runDisney’s free Jeff Galloway training method to prepare for these races. More particularly the challenge plan. I would run/walk each of the events in 15/30 intervals. Meaning I would run 15 seconds, and walk 30 seconds. This was all tracked via a timer on my watch to make the process easier. Yoda and R2 also trained but didn’t train as hard because of limited time. A mistake R2 said he wouldn’t make again. Then it was just a matter of following the plan all the way though to the races stopping for the virtual races (that I had registered for at the time). Then ride the training plan all the way to Springtime Surprise.

Before we knew it the night before the race had arrived……

—————————————————-Chapter End———————————————

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Chapter 1 Expo Explorers

The day had finally came early in the morning we began our trek over to the airport. Before hand, we loaded our tickets onto our phones using Magic Mobile. We had park hoppers with Genie + (as much as it pains me to buy it) this will be important later on in the trip. We also all split Memory Maker as we tend to take lots of pictures. We also wanted every race picture to come out of this weekend as this was our first time.

When we arrived at the airport gate everyone was extremely excited. We also noticed that we weren’t the only ones flying down for the race. I don’t think the scale
of these events was recognized by any of us until we saw them for ourselves. Then DELAY, I panicked since we were already late for the expo anyways. Then DELAY again. We were delayed (I believe) around 1 - 2 hours. I had already made peace with the fact that the expo merch was going to be limited and we would just pick up what was left.


Anyways, after grabbing our luggage we arrived at our hotel the WDW Dolphin. Immediately dropped our bags at the bellstand and got on a bus to the expo. With all the delays and everything we got on the bus around 3:40 (definitely cutting it close) as the expo closes around 6 that night.


The plan was simple, get in take pictures, grab our bibs, merch. Then get out and ready ourselves for the Expedition Everest 5K which was to take place that night.


Our first stop was the merch where as predicted the pickings were limited. We all got the generic runDisney hats (as their were no weekend specific hats). I also picked up one of the weekend shirts besides that though their wasn’t much that caught me eye. Other then the race weekend jacket which they only had limited sizes and I wasn’t able to find mine.

While shopping in the merch, I ran into a vlogger Michael Kay. The good news was that since the expo was basically picked over already the lines weren’t long at all for anything enabling us to be very efficient. We took pictures at all the stops with the various distances as well as some of the medal photo backdrops they had outside the Wide World of Sports center.


This was also our first time at ESPN Wide World of Sports ever (to my knowledge).

The next stop was bib pickup.


R2 was having a weird problem with his check in pass where the registration disappeared from his account. That day, runDisney sent him an email reminding him to claim his check in pass and by going though the email he was able to claim it. Was a super weird bug as his registration disappeared from his account but didn’t end up being an issue. With our challenge bibs secured (and our measly 4 safety pins) we headed to our last stop at the expo.


The actual expo, was medium sized. After claiming our shirts and trying each of them on we started to explore the expo. I ended up buying a flip belt as I needed a running belt that was less bulky then the one I had at home, also wanted one that would be low profile for the race photos.


After taking more pictures in the expo in front of the backdrops as well as the one in the race bib pickup section we ran to the buses back to the hotel.



We managed to make the last bus of the day to the Dolphin from the expo (6 PM). Talk about cutting it close, then it was off to the hotel to relax and prepare for the busy night to come.

————————Chapter End————————

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First off, I am sorry about the long wait. Been a busy couple of weeks. I fully intend on completing this trip report. Hopefully I can complete a chapter every week or two. Without further ado…

Chapter 2 A Snowy Trek though Yestermorrow

After exploring the expo, it was finally time to check in to the hotel. We had about an hour and a half to prepare for the race. We wanted to ensure we were on the first bus of the night to the race.

After putting on our race shirts as well as other racing attire we headed down to the Dolphin’s bus location. This was our first runDisney event and we saw that the runDisney buses picked up from a different location. We got down pretty early and we waited and waited. The bus still didn’t come it didn’t show up to about 15-20 minutes after it was supposed. This was because the buses were held back at the ESPN Wide World of Sports. The weather called for storms that night, so runDisney wasn’t sure if they were ready to release the buses out of fear the race might be cancelled all together.

Anyways, large charter buses took us to Animal Kingdom. We ended up being lucky to get on the first bus (I believe it was) as apparently others were having problems making it to the race on time. We arrived to the main gates of Animal Kingdom and headed though the main security. This was our first runDisney event ever so we were a little unsure of how everything was going to work with corrals. We were placed in the last corral of the night. We were also dubbed “the party corral” as each corral has mini waves that go off, we happened to be in the last mini wave of the night. The start line experience was really cool with the stage and the announcers made to look like an expedition (obviously) given the theme.

The original plan was for this to include a scavenger hunt but that was scrapped last minute because of the impending weather. Both announcers did a great job of hyping up the crowd, it was a very fun atmosphere. As is always the case with these races the chairs (rollDisney) went off first. The start line couldn’t use fireworks as not to disturb the animals. So they used this really cool smoke effect as you crossed the line.

It was an awesome run first we started in the Animal Kingdom Parking Lot, and slowly making our way thoughout the park. We came in by the Oasis took a left and ran toward Pandora (this was my first time seeing Pandora in extreme darkness) and wow the effects of the bioluminescence was very pronounced. As a huge Avatar fan, that was really cool to see.


We then ran over the bridge toward Festival of the Lion King and down by the train tracks. Their was supposed to be a section where we did a back and around next to Everest however, the course was cut short and this section was cut.


We couldn’t of timed it better we finished the race around 11:40. Their were many character stops around the course but we didn’t stop for any on this particular run (something we would correct on the longer distances). The lines were incredibly long and it was mostly just the fab 5 in their safari gear. A real highlight of each race was the photopass photographers who really took excellent photos throughout the run. Since we had memory maker for this trip (which I highly recommend for these races) we took full advantage for this trip.


Took a Photopass with our newly acquired medals and headed back to the hotel. The medals weren’t placed on us like the other events instead they were still wrapped. We were concerned with transporting them back on the plane so we opt’ed to keep them in the plastic. We would however, take them out eventually as we heard many medals ended up being broken on the inside. The medal actually opens up to be a compass apparently, some medals the actual compass needle was broken off. None of us thankfully had that problem.

We then finally got on the bus back to the Dolphin. Reflecting on what had just happened, none of us had experienced an event like that it was such a fun night and run. Truly a different experience then I am used to but it really felt like an experience like none other and this was only the first race as well as the shortest. A couple of minutes after arriving, it started to storm and we were ready to settle in for the night. After all, tomorrow was our “rest day” with no race and we were going to take full advantage by exploring the kingdoms……

————————Chapter End————————

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I’m very glad that your first race on property didn’t get canceled because of weather - that would have been a very disappointing way to start your race weekend!

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