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Important pool ?


I am going to wdw next tuesday and staying for 8 nights at the all star music resort,

I was wondering if they keep the pool and pool area open all night?

Last summer when I went to the AKL it was open all night.

But at the beach clucb the pool closed at 8 during Christmas time

So does anyone know about this???:confused: :confused: :confused:


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In the Parks
I know you cna swim pretty much whenever you want as long as you are quiet (at least I do with my sis) but the slides waterfalls, lifeguards and other fun stuff close at a specified time, depending on the season.
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Oh, the pools at the AS resorts close earlier than at AKL, like at around 11:30. Well, thats what I remember from when I stayed there two years ago, maybe it changed...I doubt it.
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