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Imagineering a indoor Disneyland.


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This imagineering idea is of a Disneyland park completely indoors to balance out the weather either hot or cold. This will have IPs from Disney, Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars, Indiana Jones, The Simpsons, Avatar, and Blue Sky Studios along with original attractions.

Ticket area
Walt Avenue
Pirate’s Cove
Victoria Square
Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge
Mickey’s ToonTown
Toy Story Playland
Avengers Campus
Pandora the World of Avatar
*untitled Blue Sky Studios area*

You may all now post.
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for Springfield dont just copy the simpsons ride. i suggest a dark ride taking you on a tour of springfield, which is constantly interrupted by the simpsons. also a walkthrough of the simpsons house would be nice.


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Springfield is going to be it’s own theme area in the park. So a dark ride touring Springfield wouldn’t make some sense.
I know, but like You tour the town, and Troy McClure could be in the saftey video. The Simpsons would intervene. think a bit like superstar limo, but with Simpsons, and done good. So you are basically tourists that are getting a guided tour. I think it makes sense. Are you saying you don’t think it makes sense?


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Walt Avenue
Walt Avenue Cinema

Julius Katz & Sons
Horace’s Pawn Shop
Oswald’s gas & oil
Elias & Company Department Store

Mortimer’s Market
Clarabelle’s Ice Cream Palor
Willie’s Churros


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I like to announce a new theme area will be joining this indoor Disneyland park. So ladies & gentleman, boys & girls.

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