I'm in a CRP, can I transfer from Merch to F/B?


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Hi everyone, so I'm doing the Disney Cultural Representative Program and I'm working in one of the pavillons at EPCOT
I applied for the food and beverage but I was put into Merchandise because staff was short and quite simply, it's not for me for reasons I could list but to keep it short, my question is, could I possibly transfer into F&B? I can't stand thinking of completing a whole year in an area I don't like. Is there anything I can do? I kept thinking about terminating and re applying again but will they ever hire me again after I did this? Feels like I'm caught in a circle.
I quite simply would like to transfer somehow.

Thank you for any advice,


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Take what I say as a grain of salt as it’s been 10 years I did the CRP but.... If you terminate once your out there, that’s it. You won’t be able to reapply again.

You really to see about swapping before you leave to start your program in you can.
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