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I'm going to Disneyland Paris!


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My family have always been into Disney (specifically WDW), so have been on these forums forever. I never realized until today that there was a Disneyland Paris section!

For our 10th anniversary, my husband and I are going to France for a week in June. Spending some time on the French Riviera and then going to Paris to go to DLP! I have been to Paris before, but wonderful hubby has not. I believe we'll be in Paris starting early Sunday and Monday, flying out Tuesday. Originally our plan was to go to DLP just on Monday but once we were able to catch an overnight train in on Sunday, it just gave us so much more flexibility.

This is my first time planning a disney trip. My mom is usually the General. She has The Book. She makes the touring plan. She books the fast passes and dining reservations. DLP seems far more relaxed than WDW, so hopefully I don't need to be as strict as all that?

Things that are important to me: Phantom Manor, The Castle (sadly I think the dragon will be closed when we are there), getting DH on as many thrill rides as he wants to go on (all of them).

Things not as important to me: Small World, Peter Pan, Dumbo, Live Shows, Parades.

I have trouble standing in line, but I am working on getting in Disney shape. Doing my best. Sadly, I know there is no scooter rental at the park for backup. Hopefully it is fairly flat like WDW?

I don't think we'll be at Disney all day Sunday but I want us to at least be able to go for a bit, to fill in some of the gaps. I'm thinking maybe doing Disney Studios that day??

I am also hoping to take DH to a few sights in Paris. Sacre Cur, for example. I still need to figure out how we navigate Paris (possibly with suitcases).

Paris is one of my absolute favorite places in the world, and Disneyland Paris has been a huge bucket list item for a long time for me. Hopefully I do not screw this up!

Vegas Disney Fan

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We’re going for our 4th visit this fall, we adore both Paris and DLP.

There’s luggage lockers in the train station at DLP so it’s really easy to check your luggage and come back for it rather than taking it with you.

We find DLP pretty easy, there’s not a ton of rides so planning isn’t as necessary as the US parks, we stay onsite so Magic hour gets 1/4 done before the park even opens. The only “rule” we have is crushes coaster first thing on Studios day because that line gets ridiculously long. It’s such a beautiful park we just love wandering around and looking at everything.

Jordan dby

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I think compared to the other disney parks there is a lot of walking. In general its like they removed one or two E tickets and added flower beds, walk--throughs and made the whole park more beautiful. They have also made some great shows recently.

So based on your preferences, you may find DLP a bit or a disappointment versus the American parks. You might prefer to spend Sunday in Paris and head over to DLP Sunday night ready for a full day on Monday. If you have no intention lf mickey and the magician or lion king shows, then with a fast pass you can easily do all the big rides in both parks on one day.


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As long as you're there for park opening, you should be fine. I would not recommend wasting money on Premier Access (their version of Genie+) unless you're running out of time. Fantasyland fills up the quickest, I'd recommend hitting Frontierland first, BTM then PM.
I think people also think that DLP is small - however remember that DLP has the largest castle park, at least it was before Shanghai. It is all flat.
I would definitely send time and appreciate all the details, the arcades on main street, the backstory of Frontierland etc. There's loads more details than the MK. Always look up! It is a beautiful place.
I know you said no to shows, but do try Dream and Shine Brighter, and the nighttime shows Disney DLight and Disney Dreams. They are beloved by the DLP community.
Good to hear you are working on a fitness regime - trust me you will thank yourself if you stick to it.
For Walt Disney Studios Park, the wait times seem to drop significantly late afternoon/ early evening. Download the app, see the wait times for yourself and if that works the time you're coming.
Whilst it is a Disney Park, bear in mind it is different than what you experience in Florida. If you go in expecting the same you will be disappointed.
Luggage storage is available at Marnee La Valle train station in Disney Village - maybe that's a shout? Available just outside the parks too.
Food wise - quick service is very standard. Fuente Del Oro in Frontierland was always my favourite, although that's being turned into a Coco themed QS for June. The app has all the menus so you can have a look. If you would like to treat yourself, I can recommend Bistrot Chez Remy and the Manhattan Restaurant. Walt's also seems good, but I haven't been there yet, going in May. Reservations open two months beforehand.
Sam4G0d on you tube is great for DLP content and will give you a better understanding - watch some videos so you can get an idea - hope you have fun!


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Others have told you about luggage storage lockers in the train station at DLP but I thought I’d add that there are also luggage storage lockers at Gare de Lyon, as you mentioned wondering how to navigate the city with your luggage.

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