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Wow I've not posted on here since 2017! I've missed it alot. I last visited WDW in 2008 when my son was 6 months old. He is 12 now and my daughter is 10.

We are planning to go back in Oct 2021 and I cant wait! It has taken me years to persued my partner to go as she is not that much into Disney. I wasnt before I went for the first time in 2001, but now I crave year on year to go back. Does anyone have any tips on me getting her into it?

I cant wait to tell the kids a bit closer to the time. I am going to get them to watch everything on Disney+ between now and then to they are up for it.

Hope you are all safe.
To help your partner get excited you might focus on the things about Disney that are important to her. As an example I had a friend at work who wanted to go badly, but her other half didn't. She mentioned he was into golf and I told her about the golf courses at Disney, and when she told him Bingo the trip was on.
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My wife doesn't care about Disney much either, so when we go I focus on the resort experience for her. I take the approach that we're going to a really nice resort (Old Key West in this case so we can have more of a 'home' experience rather than a hotel experience) that happens to be near some fun amusement parks. I focus on bracketing time in the parks with sit down meals and use the FP+ system so she doesn't have to wait long hours to get on the attractions. It seems to work.
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Those are great ages for your kids to return. Ive been fortunate that my DW loves Disney as much as I do. Lots of couples have the problem where one just isnt into Disney and the other cant stay away. You cant make someone enjoy or love something as much as you do no matter how much you try. You just have to find some things at Disney that will perk her interest or help her find the joy in being there. Maybe just seeing your kids enjoying the parks and surroundings will do it.
Some other suggestions ... get a good guide book ( The Unofficial Guide to WDW ) and find attractions and find things described that may interest her. Go online and review restaurants and menus to find things she may want to try. Find events, tours, concerts, going on while youre there that may interest her. Give her a spa day or another thing she may get pleasure in for her to enjoy on her own. You can also go off property for a day or partial day and do something else in the Orlando area that she may enjoy. There are some amazing dinner shows and other tourist places besides Disney.
Its all about finding those items that shows her that Disney is not just a kids world, and she can fit in. But in the end if you cant find anything that does it for her youll just have to realize Disney isnt going to be something you can both share a love for.
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I want to echo the other posts...
FOCUS on your wife and plan sometime around her. You did not mention if you were going alone as a family or with another family or friends. I would take someone with you that could watch the kids for an afternoon while you cater to your wife and show her a good time of togetherness with no kids! Make it a date...pick her up at her door with flowers, take her to a nice sit down dinner, spend the evening roaming The World Showcase, then meet up with kids for fireworks! Just show her that the trip is for her too! Tell her the trip is for the kids but you will have adult time. Everyone will have their memories but the memories that you all make together will be more important as a family. If that doesn't work, give her a credit card and tell her to go Disney Springs!:p😊
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What does your wife like? What vacation would she prefer to Disney? The nice thing about Disney is that there are so many things to do and see there. Some people like hanging out at the "beach" or pool at their resort. Some people like spas, or golf, or shopping. Some people like to sample the restaurants at Disney Springs. There is a lot to do at Disney that isn't Mickey Mouse. :)
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