News Illuminations Fireworks Mishap Tonight


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Being told by source at Epcot tonight that a remnant of illuminations fell into the Fastpass Viewing area and started a small fire. Not much detail.

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I have a few pieces of exploded shells from the show that rained down on us in that area during the holiday tag about 9 years ago. They're intact enough so you can tell how big the firework shells are. My wife thought I was crazy for taking them home..


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Truth be known something similar happens almost nightly.
I was going to say the same thing :).

Usually, I go by whether or not the perimeters launch as a gauge for how much wind there is as they always seem to be he first to go (although I’m sure it could of be for other technical reasons as well). Sure enough, no perimeters last night. So I had assumed there was going to be at least fallout somewhere along the promenade lol.

On a positive note, flight paths must have been cooperating as we had the full laser treatment :).

Glad nobody was hurt though!


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Didnt its a small world in disneyland have a not too small fire a few years ago and the mine rides roof had issues when it first opened


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Yeah, this is all about the direction and intensity of the wind. I've had pieces of debris with glowing edges (not flaming) as well as small pieces of charred cardboard fall on or near me in that location before. Anytime you are downwind of the show, along the lagoon there is potential for this.

I've also had this happen standing in Fantasyland in the path to new Fantasyland when the wind is coming out of the north.
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