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News IllumiNations Dining Package coming to Epcot later this month


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Now just wait a minute there. Rose and Crown at Illuminations time is one of the hardest reservations to get. I have one for March. I know there are no free table for this restaurant at this time available starting 10 days from now. Are they going to cancel existing reservations? Force me to change to the upcharge meal which is limiting my choices from the menu and forcing me to pay for alcohol I don't want and won't drink? Certainly they aren't just going to use that tiny little area below the patio which fits 20 people standing- it clearly states the patio.
Getting tired of things that use to be free being taken away from me for someone willing to pay more for it

TJ Vazquez

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That is an absolute sickener, so long to our viewing place for the last 23 years - assuming by patio they mean the beer garden adjacent to the pub.
I guess I shouldn't jump to conclusions yet, but I think the beer garden and any available outdoor space will be used for this event. R&C has always been our favorite place to not only catch the fireworks but eat and drink in general. I hope the service levels don't drop off because of the extra support needed for this "event".
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