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I'll be 30 this year, when was the best time to visit DW


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Over the past 30 years, when was the best time to visit Disneyworld? I know a lot of forum diehards claim its not what it used to be so I want to know between the years of 1986-2016, when did you enjoy it most. For me I have to say 2009, because that's when I was introduced to the World! I know many of you probably have had some of your best times in years pre-1986 buuuut I'm really only interested in the time frame listed.:p


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You were a couple of years before even being thought about when I first went when I was 35 years old in 1983. As far as what years were the best, to me, they all had an equal standing. Epcot didn't really come into it's own for the first couple of years after it opened. Since I was there when it was only 4 months old, I really don't think it had matured sufficiently enough to really be evaluated. It is all about your attitude. Changes happen, some we like, some we don't like, but, there is a lot there to do and see. DHS in it's beginning (Disney/MGM) was really interesting and AK was something new and different. I think that many focus on the things that they notice are different and not enough on what is there and what the current situation has to offer. Instead, spend too much time living in the past to appreciate what is there, and there is plenty.

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