If your favorite WDW attraction were removed...

Would you still have a desire to go to WDW if your favorite attraction were removed?

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    Votes: 52 65.0%
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Kate F

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If your favorite attraction at WDW were to permanently close, no matter how likely or unlikely it would actually be, would it completely turn you off going to WDW again or would you shake it off and happily book another trip?


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WDW is so much more to me than rides, let alone just one ride. I'll never stop going as long as I can happily soak in the atmosphere, enjoy all the foods, resorts, and my ten other favorite attractions... and cherish the old and new memories with my family.


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To my wife and I it's the sum of all the parts. There's not a single must do one attraction makes a visit to any of the parks a pass or fail. Theming, cast, attractions, and food all contribute to a visit to Wdw.


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While it would be a bummer yes, I wouldn’t stop going. I would happily book more trips. There’s always 2nd favorite. 😉
Also, while rides are great, there is so many other great things about WDW. The atmosphere (like a post above mentioned) in general is enough to keep me happy at the parks.


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Definitely I would still go if the Rock n Roller Coaster was removed. To me going to Disney World a complete experience and not just one thing like the rides. I enjoy trying new restaurants, the parades, fireworks, and really just the experience that just being in a place that makes me happy. On each vacation I also enjoy resort and pool time.


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I don't think it would stop us from coming, but when planning our trip, I would have to reevaluate it's impact on our enjoyment. I suppose it would depend on what the attraction was and what they are going to replace it with.

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I have a lot of favorites.
Some of my favorites have been removed in the past but I still had the desire to go.
I'm sure more will eventually be removed but I'll still have some and I'll create new favorites as I have in the past.
Disney will forever be changing and some changes may make me sad but I understand the reasoning.


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Of course. Its happened before and will happen again. Disney trips will continue on. It hurts when Disney decides to close, remove and replace something you really looked forward to going on but its beyond our power to say whats going to remain. You just have to hope something decent replaces it and you just have to keep those fond memories of what you once had. The worst part is when they decide to remove an attraction and you dont get a chance to ride it one last time on your next trip.
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They already removed my two favorites (Horizons and Journey Into Imagination) and it is a partial reason that my trips to WDW are once-a-decade instead of every year (or two years). It's not the biggest reason, but it's a reason. The removal of Mr. Toad, the Backlot Tour and the Great Movie Ride also hurts.

Big Phil

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Pirates of the Caribbean and Haunted Mansion are probably there for the long haul and my grandkids will see it. That's my guess. Now, would I stop going? Doubtful. A LOT would have to change to do that, not just one ride, even if it is my favorite. There is just the entire experience built in that you can't ignore and let's face it there are lots of things you look forward to.

What I wouldn't like is if they revamp a bunch of stuff and make it very un-Disney-like. For example, this was once said as a joke on here but if they changed Country Bear Jamboree to Taylor Swift singing country songs and such and if this was consistent throughout the parks. Then the feel of the parks would be different.


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Of my all-time favorite 10 WDW attractions, I think more than half are gone or heavily diminished.

It's a peculiar thing for me. Among the Old Classics, the ones I'd be fine with losing are the ones DisCo tends to keep around: Small World, Jungle Cruise, Tiki Room, Country Bears, Carousel of Progress, The Land at EPCOT...

The ones I consider untouchable always seem to get marked for execution (e.g., Horizons, World of Motion, GMR, Maelstrom) or diminishment (Living Seas, Kilimanjaro Safaris, Spaceship Earth, Space Mountain, Everest). My favorite ride type is the long-form, pre-recorded spiel, Audio-Animatronic experience that aims to inspire and enrich as well as entertain - in that earnest, non-hip Old Disney way. That era is over, sadly for me, and that ride type is almost extinct.

Surviving favorites like HM, ToT, Pirates, TSI, Big Thunder, Star Tours, Peoplemover, American Adventure or new Ride-the-Movies experiences aren't enough to overcome the massive change in Quality/Cost ratio.

So we don't go to WDW anymore.
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