If your family could only eat at 3 sit-downs


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...where would YOU go?

Our group will include 4 adults and 2 toddlers (3- and 2-year olds). Never having taken little ones to The World, but definitely having our own grown-up favorites, I'm wondering which restaurants are not-to-miss from the eyes of parents.

I'm not necessarily looking for all kid-focused places. For instance, one of our favorites is Boma and, while not tailor-made for kiddos, we'll definitely still be going!


I would definitely eat at 1 character meal, either Tusker House, Crystal Palace or Chef Mickeys. Boma would also be on my list. Although I love LeCellier, Biergarten is a good place for families. Kona serves good food in a relaxed atmosphere too.

Have a great trip.


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As you're aware, there are sooooo many delicious ones to choose from, and we have tried several of them (some were triumphs and others were "once and doners"). Our party usually consists of 4 adults and 2 children as well (DD5 & DD 2), which makes dining a bit easier with many hands. Here are my top 3, followed by some runner-ups:

1. Chef Mickey's (breakfast): ALWAYS a hit for our girls and the buffet has a great variety!
2. Le Cellier: This is specifically for the adults in our party, but so good (you already know that)!:slurp:
3. Akershus Royal Banquet (breakfast): A family-style character meal. A nice comparable alternative to Cinderella's Royal Table. (Gotta get a princess meet-and-greet in somewhere, so you might as well throw in some food!)

4. Crystal Palace (breakfast): A close second to Chef Mickey's for our family.
5. Chefs de France (lunch): If you time it right, you can meet Remy. The food is delicious as well (the only items my kids would nibble at were the chicken fingers...so, not a great selection for picky eaters).
6. Boma: You are already aware of the greatness here!

However, our next trip down, we'd like to throw in some new ones: 1900 Park Fare Dinner (Grand Floridian), Rainforest Cafe (breakfast; by AK), and Garden Grill (FW in EP).

Enjoy your trip!:wave:


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Thanks guys! I'm feeling confident with my picks after reading your posts.

Chef mickey - breakfast the morning we arrive
Boma - twice for dinner
Le Cellier - lunch while we're in EPCOT
Crystal Palace - lunch

That's all we have so far. The Norway one was on our radar as well...


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I agree with your choices. Crystal Palace is an absolute must. The Winnie the Pooh characters are kid favorites for only so many years. Take advantage of that now.

The Garden Grill is another family favorite of ours. Some of the best food in WDW, and the kids always like seeing the characters and rotating scenes.


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I highly recommend 1900 Park Fare at the GF if you have girls. My DD6 was 3 when we first went and it is her favorite. Food was good - but Cinderella and Prince Charming just blew me (and her) away!


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My kids are a little older, 11, 14 & 19, but they will tell you flat out that they love 50's Prime Time Cafe, Kona Cafe, Chef Mickeys, Crystal Palace & Ohana the best out of all of the places to eat there.

My favorite is Kona Cafe. :slurp:


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I have two 5 year olds... here are my top 3 for 2-5 year olds

Chef Mickeys.... it is a must do for every one. Specially for birthdays.

Hollywood and Vine (Disney Junior Characters) the food is average, nothing special....but hello 2 and 3 year olds getting to meet their favorite Disney Junior characters that they see on TV every morning. There is also a hostes with a microphone dancing and singing Disney Jr song. Kids are encouraged to go sing and dance with them.

The third choice is a little more difficult. I have a tie for number 3

Crystal Place, for breakfast. If you have and early enough reservation you can get in to the park before it opens. Great for pictures and you are already in the park when it opens. Plus, who doesn't love Pooh and friends.

Akershus at EPCOT is great for princesses. You get 4-5 pricesses without the high cost of Cinderella's Royal Table.

One note.... Cinderella's Royal Table is an amazing experience and the food is quite good. However, given the price I would think that it is best for children 4 and up.



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I'm voting 1900 Park Fare as well. Our kids love this one. Breakfast or dinner, though I prefer breakfast. How about O'Hana or Whispering Canyon? They are always fun (and good). We did Whispering Canyon with our kids and the grandparents and had a great time. We are doing O'Hana with 11 of us this August. That was requaested by the grandparents for this trip too. Have fun.


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Tough question! My kids are now 11 and 5 and we have been going to Disney yearly since our oldest was 5. For us some of our favorite meals are...

1900 Park Fare - The evil step sisters are incredible! Plus Cinderella and Prince Charming. The food was buffet and was very good.

Crystal Palace - we have always eaten a late breakfast here. Pooh, Tigger, Eeyore, Piglet all have very good character interaction. Buffet food again, pretty standard fare, but we always have found it very good.

Akershus - Princesses. :) We really like the supper. The first time we ate here it was more "Norweigan". Now they have 'Americanized' the food some, and we have found it suits us better. We have seen Cinderella, Snow, Sleeping Beauty, Belle, and Jasmine here. (Plated food for supper, family style for breakfast, but both also have a buffet)

Tuskerhouse - We have only done breakfast here, as they just started character lunch. Donald, Mickey, Minnie, Daisy, and Goofy. The food is standard breakfast, but does have an African flare to it. And the Jungle Juice... delish. (buffet)

Some runners up...
We did Chef Mickey's just once. We didn't care for it as much as some of the others. Found it too loud and had to wait quite a long time for the characters to come around. But I know people love it, so maybe we had a bad day.

Garden Grill - while we loved the food and characters, we didn't care for the rotating resturant! As crazy as that sounds, the slow moving for that long just threw us off and we left feeling dizzy.


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We love park fare ( breakfast or dinner - the characters are different), tusker house (always good), crystal palace, and Chef MIckeys (our kids favorite). My favorite might be ohana breakfast. You really cant go wrong. If your kids have a favorite character, maybe check to see who is at what location. That may help you decide. The food is pretty similar at each spot.


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We love Le Cellier and our hidden gem is Captain's Grille at the Yacht Club. We have done all the characters, but I am just not a buffet lover. I like to have someone serve me for a change. It seems like when you go with little ones, but the time I get their food, then get to the table with my food they are ready for something else.


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We love Le Cellier and our hidden gem is Captain's Grille at the Yacht Club. We have done all the characters, but I am just not a buffet lover. I like to have someone serve me for a change. It seems like when you go with little ones, but the time I get their food, then get to the table with my food they are ready for something else.

yah.. that is my complaint about the buffets, I no sooner get them settled in with their plates and then get mine together, return to the table and at least one of them is ready to get up and get something else!


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Here is my 3 with kids:
1900 Park Fare breakfast or dinner
Gasparillas or the Floridian Cafe lunch or dinner
Whispering Canyon

and here is my 3 without kids:
Konas breakfast
Les Chefs lunch
Flying Fish dinner

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