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if you would pick

hmmm which month is the month?

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favorite month to go to wdw when would you go

i know most of you would want to say "anytime" but ...i am limiting you to 1 month

and why


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I have been to wdw throughout the whole year...and honestly i went to wdw in may a few times and it was not as hot as the summer months and not as crowded because school is not out. (usually)


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In the Parks
Toss up between May and October

May - flower & garden festival - before school is out, it's pretty quiet @ Disney

October - Food & Wine + MNSSHP - also quiet because school is in session

December comes in a close 3rd as long as it's the 1st 2 weeks due to low crowd levels


New Member
Well since I have only been in July, and this is the 1st time this yr for Nov. I am actually going to go for Dec. I just love decorations especially when i am not the one puttting them up.


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I went in early May and it wasn't very crowded! Easy to get on rides, very short waits if any. Yes to flower and Garden fest!! loved it. Great weather.

Mouse Man

New Member
Its October for us. The food and wine festival and the parks are less crowded and it's the end of Huricane season. I really do want to try going at Christmas to see all the beauty.


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October was a fantastic time and I loved the Halloween decorations that were everywhere. I have now been in Jan,Feb,March,April,July,Aug,Oct,and November and October was just so right,with January a close 2nd.


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My vote was May! We have been in August, December, (week of christmas and new years which was horrible obviously) and May, and We LOVED our May week!!! Weather was awesome, not crowded, and it was just really really awesome!!! Im sure some other months are just as good, but seeing that I havent been any other times, May gets my vote!!!


We usually go Sept / Oct which we love. Once went in July - wasn't as good. I would love to go over Xmas, but I can't have time off work over the Xmas holidays. :xmas:

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