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If you really want to get married on the grounds and do it cheap...

some other guy

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There's nothing prohibiting you from buying tix for you, your significant other, and a notary public who's game. Bring your paperwork and you can get married in front of Cinderella's Castle for under $1k if you think outside the box, and it'll be more important for a legal marriage in the state of Florida than most ceremonies.
When I did it we handled it a bit more Spaceballs-ish of a "do you? do you? sign here *STAMP* great you're married" but it's definitely do-able.


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Yes, It's doable. And often comes up when people ask about affordable options. However, keep in mind that Disney can ask you to leave if they catch you doing this, and they can ban whatever officiant you bring from doing any ceremonies at WDW in the future.
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