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Firstly, this is is not a rumor nor something confirmed. Far from it. Just an idea.

So, There have been worries about the educational objective in Epcot fading away. IPs are starting to invade and that've left a few with minor bad tastes in their mouths. So how do we solve this?

One idea that popped in my head is a showcase of contemporary Europe, an area that's starting to settle in millennials and younger as the internet have torn down walls and built bridges. But what to focus on might be an issue, so I came to the conclusion that the best solution is a licensed immersive themed restaurant based around Eurovision Song Contest, an event that shares many ideas and themes from Walt Disney.

The contest, which dates back to 1956, was made to unite a war-torn Europe after WWII as soon as the TV entered the picture. Through light-hearted entertainment, we started to understand each other more and more.

Through LogoTV, the contest is now being show on American TV, but that may be not enough. The entire premise of the contest is "broad appeal", so being on such a niche channel may work against its rise in popularity in the US. But the event is just once a year, and curious Americans might want to explore this event further.

So, the idea here is a Hard Rock Café-esque resturant where all the contestants from 1956 to today is shown on screen as you eat and a stage where tribute bands and current contestants can perform.

Does this sound like a good idea?
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I love visiting Europe and Eurovision myself but I don't think it would have the sort of general acceptance Disney seems to play for with most of their themes in the parks even though it is something I'd definitely like to see.

But maybe that's just my perception because I live and work in a pretty backwards rural fairly poor area of the southern US?

Due to the physical aspect of most of the jobs at my current employer the majority who work there are under 35. The number who feel the need to brag about never having felt any desire to leave the US if I mention plans to visit Europe is startling. I've had many take me aside to ask have I considered how terribly frightful Europe is right now out of genuine concern for my welfare. Many of these go on to suggest I visit nearby Mexican beaches or take a Caribbean cruise like those are hugely safer options. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I've had the thought these sorts of reactions are part of the reason Disney is moving away from attempting education with Epcot.

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My first question, if this is supposed to go into WS, is where would they put it? Every pavilion in WS is dedicated to a specific country. And while rumors abound about possible additions to WS, every one of them are for new countries - especially non European ones, since they already have quite a few (comparatively.)

And if this is to be a pan European themed restaurant, what menu items could be offered that guests couldn't already find in the UK, France, Germany, Italy or Norway pavilions?

Not sure Disney would be knocking down doors to buy up a licencing agreement for something this obscure, with (at prssent) a very small niche market in the US.

Sorry to rain on your parade, but I just don't think it's a good fit for WS.


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East adjacent to the Germany Pavilion and the size of your typical Hard Rock Café establishment. Might turn the square area into just an another rectangle. It was reserved for an ”Africa” pavilion before Animal Kingdom, right?

The menu changes according to the country/region that won that year. Simple as that. The already existing pavilions might stage a ”takeover” singing the winning song a couple of hours after announcement of the winner if their country/region wins.

(This will require an Iberian, Eastern European and Balkan pavilion to be built)

I aim for the 2030s at its earliest. The contest might rise more in popularity then. But it might happen sooner than you think. No one knows. It has settled in the US anyway. The US can’t seem to get enough of ”rooting” time and this will provide that, albeit in a less ”stereotypical” and outdated fashion. Being from Scandinavia, I yearn for a scandi-merican-ness that is routinely maintained and updated and less ”lute-fish and malört” all the time.
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