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Ice Cream coming back to Boardwalk


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In the next week or so I’m hearing ice cream should be returning to the boardwalk. I’m assuming at the ample hills location. Same menu as B&C.

side discussion, BW bakery should switch spots with old ample hills, and/or move the soda station somewhere else, that place is way too cramped as is


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That's great news. I thought I read that the BW only had one or two things open. I was disappointed to hear that so for our trip in 10 days, I didn't include a plan to go there.


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Boardwalk is our home resort, so I’d really like to see this happening. Last time we were there, most everything was closed and it was depressing. One of the reasons we bought there was because of all the lively things going on along the boardwalk, from the surrey bikes to the entertainment to the fun food and restaurants. We would look forward to coming back from the parks and getting a snack and watching a performance or letting the kids burn off some energy on the village green.


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I hope they plan to retheme the interior to make it fit the Boardwalk. Ample Hills felt like you'd walked into something at a strip mall and wasn't remotely right for the area.

I won't be holding my breath for that, though, and regardless it's better to have something in there than nothing.
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Where do you find Salt & Straw or Jeni's, never heard of them. Love ice cream and always ready to try something new. I'm happy I will be able to get my No Way Jose at the end of the month.

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