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We get exclusive year-round access to Pocahontas & Mulan and they get year-round access to Moana, in terms of princesses, but there are a lot of exclusives on both sides, I think. It just depends on if you like Disney Junior or Marvel, Villains or Wreck-It-Ralph, etc.


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Disney has had great success with an March release recently. Its a permanent slot for them.

Captain Marvel
Beauty and the Beast...
1. Original Disney animated movie
2. Marvel
3. Live Action
and now we can add


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Movie release is strange. No summer release, kind of a strange storyline from what I can tell. I'm curious to see how well this does or if this film does poorly (hope not)
I thought it looked a little "meh" from the first short trailers I saw on TV. Then I watched the 10 min clip in OMD and was convinced it'll be another classic Pixar tear jerker with a nice message.


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Put them back across from Sci-Fi Dine in....The Garage is still there....adjacent to Red Carpet Dreams..
This is actually an access door to the Hyperion Theater. The meet and greet was located here while there was no permanent use for the theater. Once the area was turned into American Idol the monsters were relocated.

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The characters are at Disney Springs in Florida today for a special meet and greet at AMC for people who attended the Disney Parks Blog special screening. We just met them and were told that after this they’re off to Disneyland.





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I just saw Onward with my girlfriend.. and I’ve gotta say it was absolutely amazing!! I loved it so much! What started out as “another dead parent movie” cliche turned into something absolutely BEAUTIFUL.

BRING YOUR TISSUES!! I would absolutely LOVE onward to have a theme park presence. Scrap our storybook circus and replace it with an E-Ticket Onward ride.

amazing movie. So incredibly happy that Pixar is still able to deliver amazing original films!! Finally a break from sequels.


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Also side note... the theatre was completely sold out (we got the last two available seats... handicap section). And it was dead silent throughout most of the film. The only time a kid perked up to say something was this little one behind me halfway through the movie that said “this is the best movie ever!”

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