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I met Tony Baxter at Disneyland!


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A few hours ago I had an unexpected "magical moment" in New Orleans Square at Disneyland. I was on the train waiting to leave, when I saw Tony Baxter get in line! I jumped off the train and went to say hi. He was very nice, and I asked if I could get a photo with him. His wife was nice enough to take one, even though I would have been fine with a selfie. I showed him my Figment and EPCOT Center tattoo, and he seemed to like it. I shook his hand and got back on the train in time to leave for Toontown. Disneyland really is the Happiest Place on Earth.


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Tony is da' man.

He visits the Park often, and is always in attendence for the annual 'Candlelight Processional' which took place the other night.
Glad you had a chance to meet him!


Tony Baxter must have been at Disneyland on Saturday night to attend the Candlelight Procession, which was narrated this year by Chris Pratt. Candlelight took place Saturday and Sunday night; they only do Candlelight for one weekend at Disneyland, the first weekend in December, as Walt set it up that way in 1958.


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I ran into him once in New Orleans Square a few years back. Total nerd moment. He was so chill and kind. I asked what he was doing at the park that day and he said he was going around to appreciate the landscaping and trees of the park. It was such a Bob Ross/Mister Rogers vibe.


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Wow - congrats on your lucky run-in with Tony!

I happened upon him leading a group around in the Grand Californian lobby several years back. I felt like such a nerd but couldn't help but just stand and watch him. He seems to have so much heart in all he does! What a guy!

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Just a little picture for @Figments Friend
Did this ever return to MK's BTMRR?

Yes, it did.
Took a while, but it did return and it was moved to a new location within the queue to avoid having it within Guests' reach.
I saw it again this past September, so it's still there.

As folks may recall, the original location of this 'framed painting' was within reach of Guests waiting in the queue line.
Within the span of a few days, the picture was damaged and written on by disrespectful people.
The picture was then removed, and it took some time before a replacement arrived.
Several fans speculated it was to never return, but it did.....eventually.

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Ohhh man! JEALOUS! :cry:
I hope I get to meet Mr. Baxter some time... I'd love to have him sign the WDW 25th Anniversarry Kodak book I have.

Right on the Figment and Dreamfinder page! :inlove:
Get yourself out to Disneyland Park in sunny California.
Tony visits the Park often, and if you are paying attention to the people around you at any given time you just may spot him.
He can also often be found at the bi-annual D23 Expo.

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