I haven't been to WDW in 5 years- HELP, so much has changed!


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Hey everyone!

So I'm going to be going to WDW for a long weekend in August; I am going to go to Epcot, HS, and my first Mickey's Not So Scary! 🥳

Unfortunately, I don't live locally and I can't make it to Orlando too often, so this is my first visit since 2019. I know A LOT has changed at the resort since then (and keeps changing- why did they announce a new Lightning Lane system right before I go 😭) so I just have a couple of questions about how everything works!

Here are my questions:

1. Will it be easier to get LL for Cosmic Rewind (I'm staying onsite, so I can get it 7 days in advance), or to try for the Virtual Queue the day of? Also, I know that you have to get your Virtual Queue at 7am, but do you also have to be at the park? Could I hypothetically get both a Lightning Lane for Cosmic Rewind and a virtual queue, if I wanted to go on multiple times?

2. I am going to MNSSHP, but I don't have a ticket for the park during the day. How does Lightning Lane work during the party, if they offer it? Do I even need it? I want to go on Tron, is the virtual queue the only way I can get on during party hours? Same for Tiana's, is that going to be a Virtual Queue as well? Also, I've heard people talk about how the Virtual Queue wait can still be long, should I be concerned about missing the party if I go on Tron?

3. What is the best strategy for Hollywood Studios? Should I LL Rise and ropedrop Mickey, or LL Mickey and ropedrop Rise?

4. Is there any other tips/tricks I should know for this trip, of things that have changed since my last visit? Or, if you wanna reccomend any food/drinks/cool secret stuff, that would be greatly appreciated! 😁

Thank you so much to anyone who helps me out! 😋


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Cosmic Rewind:

- try for 7am virtual queue from anywhere on Disney resort property if you’re staying there

- if you miss out on the 7am virtual queue, you can try again with better odds at 1pm INSIDE Epcot

- Buy ILL in advance (if you want to ride twice) and you can choose your ride time
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What LL will you (try to) pre-book? Your tier 1 choice will influence your game plan.

Rise is standby queue or ILL purchase. Buy the ILL with no big rush at 7am. I’ve heard that upwards of 30-40% of the time it goes down or is not available at the start of rope drop.

Rope drop is really Rise vs Slinky. If you’re interested in Slinky, rope drop that.

Or if you like Tower of Terror, go for that, and then swing back to Runaway Railway. RR queue doesn’t typically get massive right away at rope drop.

Much of the above goes out the window if one or more headliners are down at the start.
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Definitely get the Virtual Que rides the days you are in those parks. Watch your second hand on your watch and start trying for the Virtual Que five seconds before 7am for a better chance to get it.
When we went to MNSSHP, they did offer the VQ so grab Tron at that time (I think it was around 6pm). No LL for any other rides. You do have to make the decision if you want to meet characters or ride rides. Some characters, like Sally & Jack, do have a much longer line than others. Maybe try to see them right before a parade or fireworks when the lines could be shorter due to people wanting to see those activities. I just LOVE MNSSHP! Have fun!
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