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I am Walter E. Disney for Halloween


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I teach 4th through 8th grade band, and I came to work dressed as WED today!
Anyone else have any WDW/Disney related costumes? Please share!
Happy Halloween everyone!


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Woops - I am sorry for posting this in the wrong spot!!! :oops: I thought maybe because I'm WED for Halloween it could go there, but I guess not. My mistake!

Sans Souci

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Stand back, everyone. This style of massage is called the "Best Friends Massage" because it can only be done for friends. It is completely consensual.


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My DH is Snow White and I am Dopey. lol

One year he was Mickey and I was Minnie, but his days of wearing tights are over, he is strictly a dress man now without leg coverings. :jawdrop:

We're Irish, he has had practice with that Kilt thing, a crowd pleaser on St. Patty's Day annual bowling fundraiser.

Jimmy Kimmel has no problems rock'n his snow white tights though.
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