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Hyperspace Mountain: I find your lack of end date disturbing.


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Hey y’all. I’ve scoured the forums and social media but to no avail have I found any end date for Hyperspace Mountain. I just want to know if I’ll have my normal Space Mountain back for my trip to Disneyland in August 😪. Does anyone have any insight?


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You have as much chance as hitting a womprat size exhaust port if you aren’t force sensitive. Ghost Galaxy has not been included in the Halloweentime offerings this year because presumably Hyperspace Mtn will run through Halloween, and with the new movie and ROTR opening later this year presumably through the holiday season.

May the Force be With You!


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I rode Hyperspace MountAin last year and I loved it. I would like to ride regular Space Mountain as the 2 time before that it was Ghost Galaxy. No more GG for me, thanks.
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