Hybrid Lands: Disney/Universal Edition (join the fun!) (open brainstorming)


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Next we see what a Minion and Toy Story Land would look like. The atmosphere would look like a fairground in the middle of a grassy field. It looks as if a group of Carnival people just set it up for the weekend.


Minion Mania (similar to Toy Story Mania)

Play different chances like you would at a fair or carnival. Themed to your favorite Despicable Me characters. And earn different rankings for your accomplishments...

Purple Minion
Chicken Minion
Rabbit Minion
Goat Minion


Super Silly Fun Coaster (similar to Slinky Dog Dash)

This is the ride from the first film that makes Gru want to puke. Where you ride in a striped monster and go through other monster’s mouths.

Despicable Disco Dance Party (similar to Alien Swirling Saucers)

A 70’s themed swing ride with a disco ball at the center of it. I’d make it a indoor version for better lighting effects.


Purple Minion's Cotten Candy Cart
Banana Rama (frozen and fried bananas)


Gru, The Villains, The Daughters and of course The Minions


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Now we see what a Hogsmeade/Diagon Alley and Galaxy’s Edge land would be like. Using the aesthetic of the Harry Potter section and the ride systems from Star Wars. The atmosphere would look like Main Street U.S.A, but with wizarding shops and such and Hogwarts castle instead of Cinderella’s. The side streets in the center are where each of the two attractions will be.

The Forbidden Forest (similar to Smuggler’s Run)

Ride inside the Ford Angla from the 2nd book and movie in the series’ “Chamber of Secrets”. Harry and Ron have missed the train so they make the absolute worst decision to take the family car. Your adventure starts off simple enough as you try to catch up to the Hogwarts Express. But things to go awry when you crash into The Whomping Willow where you almost get obliterated, but it get surprisingly even worse as the vehicle proceeds into the Forbidden Forest. A place where student aren’t supposed to go when unsupervised. Home to Centaurs, Thestrals and an Army of Arachnids.

The Battle of Hogwarts (similar to Rise of the Resistance)

The events seen in the last installment of the series playout. Where it was an all out brawl between good and evil, where even giants and dementors showed up.

Hogwarts Express (similar to Walt Disney Railroad)

Board the world famous transportation system to get around the park.

Restaurant and Bar

The Three Broomsticks
and The Hogs Head


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Yeah, I'm more of a Disney guy, but Uni deserves some props for how fast they've built things.

I always wished they'd buy Sea World as well and (it sounds strange) get rid of the Sea Creatures. They've got so much space in that park for activities and it's wasted on animals. lol!

Yeah, I don't like Sea World because of the type of people and crowds that go there. It's a cheaper annual so anybody can show up. I guess the same can be said about Universal too though.

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Yeah, people have something against JK Rowling, but I judge a books based on the characters and stories not the authors opinions. And I've always loved Harry Potter.

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