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Hurricane Irma


Foiled Again by Do Gooders
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Wow! I wonder if that is a tree they just recently planted during the renovation?

Yes. I took this picture from the opposite side facing the tree last month. (Center Right Rear)


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Update on Napelton Infinity. They've been ordered to remove their cars from FSU parking garages. In spite of their insistence they had permission, FSU PD and Administration didn't know about the issue until it blew up on Twitter. Strike one for social media.

FSUView is on it (owned by Gannett: Wouldn't be surprised to see it in the Tallahassee Democrat and USA Today): http://www.fsunews.com/story/news/2...rdered-remove-vehicles-fsu-garages/652321001/

Same story but from Tallahassee Democrat: http://www.tallahassee.com/story/ne...rdered-remove-vehicles-fsu-garages/652321001/
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Brand new tracker from NHC. So like between Orlando and Tampa but closer to Tampa still??

Radars show something similar.

Is between the two areas the best result?

View attachment 228358
Al Roker is on MSNBC right now talking about how some of the worst of it will be east of Tampa and towards Orlando.
ETA: Because of the northeast quadrant and counterclockwise motion, the system to the right of Tampa and moving north.


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Here at AKL, there is a leak in the ceiling above the corridor between Jiko and Boma that had been growing for a while. This afternoon it was just a bucket and around 8:30pm it grew to a few buckets and towels everywhere. The lights flickered during dinner and the wind keeps getting louder and louder, but that could be because it's later and the resort is much quieter. All this talk about tornadoes may mean I'm not sleeping tonight.

I got a call from my mother in New York right before dinner and she has been watching way too much of the weather channel. She asked if the hotel was going to let us stay in the basement. I think she thinks we are the only people here. She then told me that they are saying on TV that I should stay in a closet under pillows. I don't even want to get into all the stuff that she is reading "on the internet".


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Generally speaking local meteorologists are more knowledgeable during these type of events. I haven't turned on TWC once during this event, I trust Tom Terry and Co over the celebrity weather folks on TWC
I've been following both, but focusing on the local coverage. As somebody who just moved back to Orlando and isn't familiar with hurricanes or the local media, I'm so impressed by their coverage.


My friend is doing the college program there. She said, They have moved some college kids to the dining rooms. They also have buckets lined up as the roof is leaking pretty bad.

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