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Hello Friends!

My husband (Josh) and I (Heather) just returned yesterday from a great trip and I can't wait to share all of the crazy and fun details here soon!!



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It was the weekend before our trip started. We were set to fly out the morning of Wednesday, August 30th. I am usually one that starts packing a couple weeks before a trip, but work has been so crazy in the last couple of months, that I hadn't packed a thing. Our plans for the weekend was to clean house, get laundry done and start packing. Of course, we also wanted to spend as much quality time with Cam as we could since he wasn't coming on this trip. He had already started school and was staying with my Mom who lives next door, and she'd also be taking care of our pups! We went to dinner on Saturday and had a family photoshoot on the front porch. :joyfull:


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My big 5th grader! Where does the time go?? His new thing is flexing, haha!

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As you can see...our grass is DEAD! We have been in a severe drought here in South Louisiana. It has been so dry and HOT!!

I had been peaking at the hurricane updates all weekend and would bring it up to Josh, but he didn't want to talk about it. I'm very much a person that needs a plan B and a plan C, just incase plan A doesn't go as planned. Saturday evening we were finishing up a show we've been watching on HULU and I forced him to talk about it after showing him the new track predictions.



I was pretty sure that our flight across the Gulf would certainly be cancelled on Wednesday morning. We didn't know if we should drive or what we should do. One factor was that we were both set to work on Tuesday. I could easily get off, but it's not so easy for Josh. He decided that in the morning (Sunday) he'd call a coworker and see if they'd switch shifts with him.

On Sunday, Josh's coworker agreed to switch with him, so Josh worked Monday and was now off on Tuesday. I hopped online and changed our flight from Wednesday, Aug 30th to the latest flight going out on Monday, August 28th. We also had to have a place to sleep so I booked 2 nights at All Star Movies. Then it was off to cleaning, packing and getting all of Cam's stuff ready for the week.

Monday, we both worked. Josh works in New Orleans right near the airport, so he got home and an hour later we were going right back to where he just came from! My cousin was nice enough to drive us. On the drive over, I got a text stating our flight was delayed. There were very few people checking in when we got there, so that went quickly. We took our time and got some dinner at Shake Shack before making it to our gate.


Apparently, not many people flying towards the storm. Our plane was coming from Baltimore and was dodging some weather, which is what caused the delay. It wasn't until I was sitting in my seat that I was finally able to relax! I was on my way to WALT DISNEY WORLD!


I also, made the mistake of booking the Mears Connect to get us to the resort. We were the first ones to the bus which was an old DCL bus. We sat on the bus for 30 minutes before even leaving the airport. I was so tired and disgusted because the bus looked so gross. I even saw a roach crawl across the floor. We waited for several other people to board before we left and of course, we were the last resort to be dropped off.

At 2:30 am, we had arrived to our resort.

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