Hurricane Ian expected to impact Florida (updates and related discussions)


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Time to fire this thread up unfortunately, what will be Hurricane Hermine is expected to hit Florida Wednesday as a F2 (110 mph) storm.
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Watching the GFS huh? European model has been more east, this track is deferring greatly to the latter.
Yeah. Models are shifting eastward. I’ll still have to deal with it at WDW. But my concerns are eased. I live in Tallahassee. We already had to put up with a Hermine (Cat 1) in 2016. I rode that out then went to my already planned trip to WDW. LOL.

Hermine (2016). I’m the blue dot



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My wife has impeccable timing for these things, so we'll be back at the fall line in Georgia a full day before it hits.


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The forecasters are “optimistic” here

…the water is way too warm…160+ mph storms are gonna be churning past Florida from now until it’s a snorkeling lagoon

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