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Humidity.. and my giant hair!


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Hey All- last time we were in WDW was first week of September, over labor day, and let me tell you... my hair did not know how to handle the humidity. It was so bad that any photopass pictures we got had to be first thing in the morning or my hair was so frizzy and giant after being outside for just 5 minutes HAHA.

Does anyone have any secret products they use to avoid this? You may be able to see in my profile picture, I have medium length, pretty thick hair... it is just dense. My parents took us to Jamaica when I was 14 and it was a Monica from Friends situation for sure. Of course I usually just end up throwing my hair in braids or bun, but I'd love to wear it down like normal.

HELP! :eek::happy:


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Try using like a salon quality humidity or frizz serum, I have some stuff that I used to use when I lived on the east coast I think from Redken.


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Something I have found helpful is to use a higher/salon quality shampoo and conditioner regiment. I have found that this helps kind of give my hair a healthier baseline so when I am in a situation that could get dicey, my hair is more calm and resilient. I love Moroccanoil's hydration line as well as Paul Mitchell's Awapuhi wild ginger line.