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Hulk Hogan Attacks terrorists at Epcot


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Mr Bill said:
I was six years old at the time and Hulk Hogan was my idol. Gimme a break :(

Plus it was one right before wrestling.

It was a joke. Hence the laughing smiley. :lol:

:wave: ACE
whatcha gonna do, when hulkamania goes wild through you...

what was great about the show was that the big chase at the end always seemed to end up in the water and it was always the same footage of the boat speeding along the water... if the bad guy ever wanted to get away all he had to do was get in a car... but yeah my favorite episode was the one that took place on the indiana jones stunt stage. it was pretty much the saem show with hulk in the place of indy.... oh yeah and his daughter is hot


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While the Hulkster was at Disney filming the show, WCW was down at MGM taping their weekly shows... Then WCW Executive Producer Eric Bischoff met with Hogan and brought him back into the ring, as a WCW wrestler... Leading to the NWO!

The big shindig signing of the WCW contract took place with a parade down the roads of MGM and the "signing" taking place in front of the theater, where the hat stands now.

Just food for thought!

Hulkamania lives at Disney!

Whatya gonna do brother?


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CoffeeJedi said:
seriously, i'd watch just to play "spot the attraction", don't think i ever saw one set at Big Thunder Mountain though :( I remember one bad guy's hideout was the Adventurer's Club.

I don’t recall the plot (did they ever have one?) all I remember was the Hulkster climbing the Mountain and being able to see the lightning rods.


the best part was at time you could see people on a beach over at the grand Flo and poly...did they ever have something wrong go on the monorail...that would be neat. Oh man did that show ever stink, I thought I was the only one that watched it. Im glad that they are others out there who at least admit to watching a show like that.


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Ringo8n24 said:
Has anyone seen the movie "Thunder in Paradise" with Hulk Hogan that the tv show was based on? I saw it on blockbuster online, but I was wondering if that too was filmed at Disney.

The first “movie” was the two hour pilot and (much like Star Trek) the show was revamped for the second “pilot”. In the first pilot the show was set at some stately land locked hotel and not shot at Disney, and I think his daughter was played by another actress and there was a woman who was set up as a love interest but she was dropped for the series. The second “movie” released on VHS was the Morocco pavilion 2 part episode.


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Never saw the show as it look stupid but now wish I had checked it out for the WDW stuff.

How did they shoot all those things without disrupting people's vacations. Was everything at night in the show? Like how did they do the River Country thing as it was still open then.


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Man that boat was B-O-S-S... Boss!!

Watching that show was like rubber necking at a wreck on the highway. You know your not gonna see anything good but you can't tear your eyes away.


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coasterridr said:
Side note about Thunder in Paradise, they partially melted one of the clear walls in the Living Seas with a stage light. If I remember correctly it is visable from the VIP lounge.
Yes, the plexiglass is really warped in the corner where the light was. Its on the bottom floor of sea base alpha as soon as you enter on your far left.

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