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Huggles and Luvs


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We just had the mildest winter in years, and it was 72 degrees today! (Last year at this time, we still had three feet of snow, with plenty more to follow.) We have two granddaughters now - Katie is three and a half, and Julia is six months old! They live two miles from us, so it's great. My Dad lives in assisted living about 5 miles away, and our son just moved here, as well! He's currently job-hunting - VERY scary - but we are so glad he's near by. How's everything with you?


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My daughter got married last summer to a wonderful guy - couldn't ask for a better son-in-law. My son is engaged, but they haven't set a date yet, and lst but not least, I'm retiring in June and will be a snow-bird next winter. We had a really mild winter too, so next winter we'll probably get clobbered, and I want no part of that!

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