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Howloscream countdown begins.....


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Busch Gardens just opened up the howloscream site with some nice deals and info on what is to come. For starters, get tickets in advance for $25 for passholders, $30 for non passholders, and $80 for unlimited access. Two new houses will join 3 returning houses and to top it all busch gardens has changed course concerning fiends. Many were concerned that they would fold under pressure like universal did with the Bill and Ted show but it looks like they will keep a classic on the circuit instead of retirement. The only odd catch is they still have a reservation system in place so likely you will have to book in advance before you go so likely BG may be controlling more closely just how many people can get into the event this year. Well after how well they did things last year Im all for a little crowd control.

HOLY @#$% update: Sea World Orlando for the first time ever will also be doing a halloween event with 7 houses this year. For the first time in a long long time, Universal will have an actual challenger to its adult halloween event domination. Damn! That is all I gotta say. Just when I think I have seen everything they pull a move I never would have expected. Im still trying to figure out where in the sam hell they will be putting all those houses.
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