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How to Utilize a Long Line at Walt Disney World


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By Brooke Schuldt, Jul 26, 2016
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Just like spending hours on a TSA check line, waiting on a line at Walt Disney World is a sad, inevitable truth. Before your trip is over, you’ll have waited on so many lines that you’ll wonder how you managed to fit so many activities into your trip in the first place. Even with your three FastPasses a day, you are still in for some waiting.

We understand the urge to grab the nearest cast member, shake them, and ask them why the heck the line hasn’t moved yet, but we suggest instead using the line to your advantage. You’re stuck for an average of at least 20 minutes, which means that you have almost half an hour of time to be productive.

Here are our favorite ways to waste time on long lines that could actually save you time later in the day.

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Nearly any long line entertainment is better than the path chosen by a random international foursome on that 100 degree day, oh so long ago.

This quartet was about 15 people in front of us in the RnR switchback circuit. In an unambiguous showcase of European efficiency, this quadriad chose to group eat a turkey leg as they made their way through the path.

It wasn't fun.


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Take the extra line time to observe the line's queue. One of my favorite queues to wait a long time in is Space Mountain. With the music, ambiance, and the wonderful space-y star windows, it is a great atmospheric experience. Same goes with the Haunted Mansion. Yes, some may find the queue a little unnerving, but my inner child is filled with delight talking to a dead poet and using my OCD to push possessed books back on the shelf.


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If you download Heads Up (the app), there's a Disney Parks category that becomes free to play when you're on Disney property. It's a nice little perk, and super fun to play if you're in a long queue with some friends! It's gotten me through more than one FoP wait.


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Honestly, if you pack some sandwiches and chips and sides in your backpack, treating a queue line like your next lunch/dinner meal makes the time go by pretty fast for long lines like Flight of Passage, Slinky Dog Dash, Space Mountain, and Frozen.


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Line waiting ins't a big deal anymore with all the iphones.

Before the smart phone/cell phone it was a totally different ball game.
Actually back in the day, people would actually have conversations with others in line. Now people are buried staring into their idiot phones and never making eye contact with others.

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