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How to Utilize a Long Line at Walt Disney World


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By Brooke Schuldt, Jul 26, 2016
WDWMAGIC Contributor

Just like spending hours on a TSA check line, waiting on a line at Walt Disney World is a sad, inevitable truth. Before your trip is over, you’ll have waited on so many lines that you’ll wonder how you managed to fit so many activities into your trip in the first place. Even with your three FastPasses a day, you are still in for some waiting.

We understand the urge to grab the nearest cast member, shake them, and ask them why the heck the line hasn’t moved yet, but we suggest instead using the line to your advantage. You’re stuck for an average of at least 20 minutes, which means that you have almost half an hour of time to be productive.

Here are our favorite ways to waste time on long lines that could actually save you time later in the day.

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Tanna Eros

Active Member
I was thinking of toting my sketchbook. I take it there's not a lot of jostling in the lines.


I also reach for my phone and review the pictures I've taken at the parks so far, I edit, crop or eliminate the ones I don't like.
That way I free space and save time when I get home!
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