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How to get MDE/MagicBand as offsite guest?

Christian Fronckowiak

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Hello everyone-
I have a trip coming in over a month and would like to know how to go about setting up MDE and MagicBands as an offsite guest. We have not been to WDW since prior to FP+ but understand the new system. I'm simply looking for steps on getting the MB, setting up FP+ (are those two things nonexclusive to each other- setting up MDE without MB in hand?)

Either that or please redirect me to a thread that has already covered this topic. Thanks a bunch!


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A couple points:

-Anyone can (and should) set up a MDE profile.
-A MagicBand is not required to make FP+ reservations.

All you need to do to make FP+ reservations is to link your ticket to your MDE profile. If you don't have a Band, you'll use your park ticket to enter the park and check into your FP+ attractions.

If you *do* buy a MagicBand, you simply link it to your profile. If you buy it ahead of time, you enter its serial number into your MDE profile. If you buy it on-site they can link it to your profile at point of sale by scanning your ticket.



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If you don't have your tickets yet, you'll be able to set up an MDE profile for each guest, but you won't be able to book FP+ until you have tickets associated with your account.

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