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How to become a Travel Agent with Disney?

Henry Mystic

Author of "A Manor of Fact"
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Hey everyone!

I was thinking about becoming a certified Disney travel agent part-time and was wondering what's the best way to go about it.

If anyone has any experience they would like to share I would really appreciate it!


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I looked into this a year or two back but being in the UK ended up being a non starter.

If you want to go totally solo you need a fair bit of capital (think its something like $70k), and need to register with a bunch of different regulators.

Realistically you're better off joining one of the many disney-specific travel agents that act as the middleman as they provide all the access you need (Getting access to GDS isnt easy and you're dead in the water without it). They wont have the best deals, and they'll take a significant cut but it'd get you started. Google 'become a disney travel agent' and most of the ones that offer it come up.

It is a hands-off approach for most of them. You don't get a salary or anything like that, just a cut of the commission once they get paid.


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I asked that same question about 40 years ago and hit a wall. Any certified Travel Agency can sell Disney. I felt that my massive, at the time, study of WDW would be something that would fly, but I finally gave up and just was happy to go there and enjoy it. I figured that once I made it into work the sparkle would decline a lot. Today, they would have to reserve a padded room for me because the system would drive me insane, not to mention all the unhappy clients that wanted to go to MK but the park was already full for that day. Nope, Disney created their little nightmare, they have to be the ones that get to soothe the nerves.

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