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Pre-Trip How to avoid single riders in your Test Track Car - Max, the girls (AND THE BOYS!!) do Disney!


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To all who come to this happy place , welcome, (and leave a few bucks in the bucket if you can spare it - this one's not going to cheap)

For those who do not know me - shame on you!

I am Max or AMJT660 or Andrew or Drew or to a few people I am Clarence

This is the Max Family (my DW Tricia (T) and my DD Stephanie (S) and Cassie (C))
And these are the new comers- Jordan(J) - who will officially join the family on Oct 5, 2019 ( yes - zoom in on Steph’s left hand)
And Shane (SH) who has been in our lives a long time (more on that later) and has been dating Cassie since Feb2017)
We are heading to the World on Dec 22 and flying back home on Dec 27. (yes - we are crazy - thanks for noticing)

More details to follow - thanks for following!!


Editors note: my laptop and iPhone are not cooperating so I have to two step each post - so do not be surprised to see only text or only pictures for a few minutes until I can edit the post to complete it.
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Yay! It’s about time for another Clarence report! You know I’m in! Hopefully the weather is better this December, my sister went last year and they were about as cold as we were in Winnipeg 😆. But seriously, you may want to bring your toques and mittens.


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Following! I love Max/Andrew/Clarence reports. 😬
I am glad you are along for the ride - I will do my best to entertain
Looking forward to your trip. Your reports are my fav😃.
WOW - Considering the amazing people on here that do TR's I am honoured that you feel that way!
Yay! It’s about time for another Clarence report! You know I’m in! Hopefully the weather is better this December, my sister went last year and they were about as cold as we were in Winnipeg 😆. But seriously, you may want to bring your toques and mittens.
Oh yeah - we will be ready for whatever we get.
Count me in!
Great to have you along - can you check my van tire pressure before I take off, no wait, I don't want them under inflated by a Pats fan
I'm here too!! Hope you guys have a fantastic trip and I can't wait to hear all about it!
Thank you for joining - I do not think I will be able to keep up with you in terms of pictures though!!
Waiting patiently.
Hmm, says patient but implies impatient...… Thanks for following
I'm along for the trip too!
I am glad you want to come but paying for 6 is expensive enough - can you fit in a suitcase?
I’m in!!!!! 🤗
And I will try to finish this one in a timely fashion - or else you will let me know about it!!
Looking forward to it!!:)
Thank you - we are excited too - although we are not all together at the moment ( more to come on that one!)
Can't wait!!
Me too - this is really contagious - in a good way!
And I am honored that your second post of all time was on my TR - #blessed

(not sure if I did that right - but Cassie says it all the time and it seemed appropriate!)

Count me in, Max! DH and I will be in WDW in December too. Hope for good weather and crowds, but whatever it is it will be great!!
Now why would you wish for crowds??- wait - check that - you are wishing for good crowds - I get it - slow on the uptake sometimes!
A Max TR?
Oh how I would love to see the live @Tuvalu version of that dance!!!
Yay!!! A fun Max trip report!:)
Fun? - I will try - no pressure at all from the Gopher state!! - glad to have you aboard



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Okay so time for the 5 Ws and the H

But everyone starts with Who so I will jump to where just to be - you know - different - special - Clarence!!

Where: So we are going to Central Florida to a small tourist attraction near Kissimmee.
Its pretty old, been there since the early seventies - yes - older than Disco
Maybe you heard of it?

So it has been 2 years since we have been to WDW at Christmas 2016

And this time we are have 6 adults so where to stay was a challenge.

We wanted to all stay at the same resort , close to the action and not toooooo expensive

We knew we needed more than one room - but even two seemed awkward.

Jordan and Shane know each other but staying the same room is different than hanging out

3 rooms at a Value was floated but reliance on the buses for a short trip (only 4 full days and 2 partials) did not appeal

So what did we decide?
The Dolphin!!

We have reserved a family room- it is essentially 1 room w/King and sitting area - with 2 adjoining rooms - each with a King - and all three have their own Bathroom and Fridge .

This is basically 3 couples as opposed to a family of 6 so this worked out great - and if you noticed Jordan is tall so getting him a King bed was a bonus

And the cost? - Just slightly more than 1 room at the Yacht Club ( where we stayed in 2014 and 2016 at Christmas)

I will need help with a few thing related to not being a Disney hotel but overall - can't beat the location at that price

Oh and we are flying out of Buffalo so I found this great Bed and Breakfast on Airbnb for the night before

More to come

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