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Trip Report How to Avoid a Rebel Invasion: a dual August trip report


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We made it! Got in after 10 last night, picked up our Amazon order, unpacked and crashed. Baby E fell asleep on the Magical Express and then woke up when we arrived 🙄. So he was ready to party! Thankfully he fell asleep before midnight. We had a pre-park opening breakfast reservation at BOG this morning so we were rushing out the door to make the bus. Made it on at 7:25 and then at the MK by 7:45. Doesn't he look thrilled?


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Oh, I just saw the difference 😉 Congratulations 😀.
I see it! I see it! Congratulations!!
And all this time I was looking at the castle to see a difference. 😑 Now, I see bling!! 😵 Congrats!
Awww. Yay! Congrats!
How exciting!! Congratulations!! :D
Thank you all very much! He clearly knows the way to get a yes, castle proposal !!


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We got a couple of attractions done yesterday with Baby E: Peter Pan then Haunted Mansion (after stopping in Memento Mori of course 🙄), then we headed over to Dumbo and took a trip Under the Sea so E could nurse and then of course he fell asleep so we napped and walked to Tomorrowland to meet up with C, R and T. He woke up in time for Laugh Floor, which he enjoyed. Then we popped over to meet everyone's favorite alien!

Stitch loved our shirts! C,R and T took a trip to see some Pirates while we met Stitch. I'll spare you the abomination of a ride photo.

Then we took a leisurely boat ride over to Fort Wilderness for a new restaurant for us!
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