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How often do you travel to Disney?


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We've been pretty fortunate. For the past five years it's been about 3 times a year, and this year it will be four times. Going during value season with AP discounts and cheaper airfare helps a lot.


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When I was younger it was once every 2 or 3 years. There was a year and a half span that I went 3 times. That was 11 years ago. Went this past Dec.-Jan., spending a day in MK while at a convention at the Gaylord Palms in Sept. My girlfriend and I are already thinking about another trip back to WDW sometime in May or early June. My mom thinks we are crazy and that we are going to get tired of being there. I doubt that to be the case but we are waiting till after our visit in September to see if we should book a trip for late spring or wait a year.


Once a year. But last year I got to go twice. :sohappy: That was great. We are skipping next year though and going somewhere else. :cry:
We try to go every other year, though we were able to go twice during the Millenium Celebration. It was great but you could say we were spoiled that year because those were our first two vacations to Disney World and we haven't had the chance to go twice in the same year again. That said, I plan on fixing that in the coming years:animwink:


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Every other year we get Florida seasonal AP's and go 6 to 8 times for long weekends, including one adults only trip. It is only a three hour drive from where we live, so a three day weekend works fine.

On the off years, we try to do other things (this year was Washington D.C., New Hampshire and Maine)...but we may attempt a DL trip next summer, too.

Craig & Lisa

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When we first started to go in 1997 we could only manage once a year, but after we joined DVC we are able to go at least twice a year, once even was able to go 3 times one year. Since being able to do this we are able to keep from taking out some people who really annoy us!!! :D:lol: 8 more days till we are at the World for our 20th visit at BLT 6 days after it opens............I CAN'T WAIT!!!!:sohappy::sohappy:


Disney's Favorite Scumbag
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Last year, 4 times. Last year, 3 were short weekend trips, usually last minute bookings.

This year, twice. One planned trip with friends and family, one last minute weekend.

Planning a WDW trip makes it less fun.


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We usually go one time a year for a week. 2006 we went twice, one of them being a 10 day trip. This year I booked 2 weeks because of the free dinning! :D

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