How much of Disney World has to be open for you to go?

How much of Disney World needs to be running?

  • Just Disney Springs

    Votes: 27 4.7%
  • Magic Kingdom outdoor attractions and quick service only

    Votes: 16 2.8%
  • All 4 parks outdoor attractions and quick service only

    Votes: 14 2.4%
  • All 4 parks all attractions, no live entertainment/characters, quick service only

    Votes: 45 7.8%
  • All 4 parks all attractions, non buffet restaurants, no live entertainment/characters

    Votes: 47 8.2%
  • All 4 parks with social distancing, limited hours and entertainment, no nighttime spectaculars

    Votes: 30 5.2%
  • All 4 parks with social distancing, limited hours and entertainment, no parties

    Votes: 27 4.7%
  • All 4 parks with social distancing, mask policies, no buffets

    Votes: 73 12.7%
  • Running back at 100%, but Covid is still active in the US

    Votes: 192 33.3%
  • Covid has been eradicated and/or you have the vaccine

    Votes: 105 18.2%

  • Total voters


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Ok, this topic is of interest to me and seems to quickly devolve in the other covid threads quickly that I thought it deserved its own thread. How much of Disney World would have to be open before you would be willing to go?

-You are not a local, and are going for the week and need to pay for a hotel
-Ticket prices will not change
-Disney will offer discounts on resort rooms but nothing that they haven’t done in the last few years (Free Dining/35% off room rate is the best it’s going to get) assume resorts are open but any restrictions on park restaurants are there too
-The choices are in order from most restrictive to least, any restrictions listed in a less restrictive choice carry up unless noted
-There is no 14 day quarantine for Florida guests upon entry to the state

Please do not discuss on this thread:
-When the park is going to open
-If these guidelines make sense
-The finer points of the Covid outbreak

We all know that when Disney does open there will be restrictions and then things will be ramped up over time. This thread is only for discussing at what point in this process would you consider going, I tried to pick options I keep hearing in other threads.

My answer:
I’m not going to go back until there is live entertainment and spectaculars. Disney World is a theme park, a very expensive one that if it is stripped of its table service, live shows and spectaculars is not worth the price of a trip for me, the rides alone will not cut it.


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I'm cool with no nighttime spectaculars. It's not unusual for us to have dinner and head back to the hotel before the fireworks even start. Or DS and I use the 20 minutes to run to the coasters while everyone else is staring at the sky.
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Lets put it this way...
I can live without a lot of things because there's a lot of things that I don't care that much about.

I'm mostly there for rides and shows (I could live without the live stage shows although I do like them but don't take away my COP, Philharmagic, Tiki Room) and overall atmosphere.


I have two small kids who can’t hang at night, so I’m not too fussed about parades and fireworks since we usually miss them anyway.

No characters would probably be a tough pill to swallow for the kids.

I do have a trip booked for September but whether or not we go is entirely dependent on what the data is showing at that time, not so much about what WDW is doing within the parks.
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We’d be happy to be at our Resort and it’s quiet pool most afternoons. Like a Resort staycation. Just nice to be in that Crescent Lake loop. Access to the parks would be nice for mornings and evenings. Some restaurants too.

We are still booked with two rooms at BWI for June 29-July 7.


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Hmm haven't you ever been during a refurb or had a ride break down?
Also what if there's a discount?
I’ve been lucky enough to go more than most people will ever get to. a ride reufurbershment isn’t the same thing as having only a handful of attraction offerings available. Im not returning for just a handful of attractions and paying the Disney price. That would be really stupid. The discount would have to be greater than 35% for me to consider a half baked experience.


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I want it to feel like Disney World. I want to be able to stop and listen to the Dapper Dans, visit the Tiki Room, ride the people mover without making a reservation, stop in a store to browse, etc.

I want to be able to hop on the monorail or boat and drop by Grand Floridian or Contemporary.

If I can’t relax and enjoy the visit, why bother?

There’s also something to be said about the atmosphere... I don’t meet the characters, but when I walk by the tea cups and see Alice meeting a family it makes me smile. It’s all the little things like the in park entertainers, the characters, the castle show, the parades, etc. that create that feeling.
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