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How much 'disruption' will Galaxy's Edge cause with regards to Orlando in general?

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I would say the traffic at Celebration will be at such a stand still that you pray it’s North Korea’s first target if things go south with them.

So no difference there.


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Starting to think it might not be as bad as I first thought after all seeing as Disneyland's not suffering so much.


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Ok so we're arriving 2 weeks after Galaxy's Edge opens and apart from one night when we're staying on-site, are staying on International Drive right next to Universal. I appreciate GE will undoubtedly affect crowd levels at Disney, I'm just wondering to what degree?

For example apart from the morning after our night in our on-site hotel when we're visiting the Studios at 4am, we're probably accepting that the Studios won't be worth the hassle on other days. However will AK, MK, Epcot and the water parks be busier with the influx of extra guests, or quieter?

Also when driving from International Drive to the MK, AK or Epcot we'd normally go via Disney Springs leaving the I4 at the first exit. I am now however wondering whether the road passing Disney Springs will be a bad choice due to the Studios traffic, and whether I should use other exits from I4 instead?

My wife also said last night that perhaps HHN at Universal will be much quieter this year due to Disney pulling everyone in, however I'm of the opinion that the HHN crowd aren't necessarily the same people who go to Disney anyway and if anything it may be even busier?

Basically how far reaching will the affects of GE opening in the first few weeks/ months be beyond the Studios? Other parks, hotels and roads completely chaotic, or are we over anticipating the 'disruption' that may occur?
I honestly dont think it will be that bad.

When Rises of ResistAnce opens it will be bad.


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Starting to think it might not be as bad as I first thought after all seeing as Disneyland's not suffering so much.
I really would not rely on what's been going on out west to predict WDW touring congestion........two different animals with very different feeding patterns.
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