How Many More Days For You (Part 3)


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The other thread is at 5k - Please post your countdowns here...

I'll start:

123 'til Orlando :wave:

127 'til Disney :xmas:

(still trying to squeeze a September trip in too!)


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We just booked 3 days at the world in September. DS is going to be moving to FL to attend Full Sail University and we have slated 3 days to spend enjoying one of the best places in the world before he starts classes. We will be moving him the week before and thought, what a way to relax. DB is helping us move him there and he hasn't been to WDW since 1976!:eek: Boy is he in for a shock. Of course I have yet to tell DB that we are going, I love suprises. Oh, and DH and I will become AP holders that weekend. :sohappy::sohappy: DS will be getting his FL AP too. I don't know how much time he will have to use it but even 4 days out of the year will pay for it.
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